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Refresher courses

Posted on Wed May 30th, 2012 @ 12:16am by Lieutenant JG Samantha Leyton & Ensign Louise Kennedy

Mission: Countdown
Location: Main Security Office; Starbase 332
Timeline: Present--before the Klingons dock

Leyton crossed her arms as she looked about the spartan office. She had to admit it was rather boring and bare--even for a Starfleet Office. 'I'll have to decorate this place with something,' she thought as she sat down in the chair behind the desk. 'Perhaps a picture of the family and Ryan.' Those thoughts brought on feelings of anger as she thought about her family and Ryan being dead. 'No, that part of me is dead,' she concluded, though it hurt her to even think about forgetting her family. 'Time to focus on the present and my future here.' The sound of the chime startled her from her thoughts. "Enter."

"Morning Chief, I've got a few tactical updates from Starfleet Command for you and the Commander would like you to perform a small arms check on all stores for the end of the month" Ensign Kennedy was her usual cheerful self as she did the morning rounds but as she set down the container inside which were the encrypted isoliner chips she paused instead of continuing on her way, "I was wondering, is there anyone I can talk too about getting a phaser lesson or two?"

Leyton accepted the PADD and glanced over the info on it before responding to the Ensign's question. Setting the PADD down on her desk, she looked up at Kennedy. "You're the commander's assistant. Why do you want phaser training?" It still bugged her that there were some Starfleet Officers who were afraid of weapons or had no idea how to use them.

Perhaps more sheepishly than she hoped she looked up at Leyton, "after the recent goings on with the Orions and all the issues with the Romulans I want to make sure I can take care of myself and not be a liability to anyone." It was only a niggling issue but her basic training with firearms at the Academy was a second year course and generally on how to fire one safely, and on stun at that.

"That will require more than one training session. To be effective in a fight, you have to at least be able to draw your weapon, take accurate aim, and fire in no more than two seconds. Any longer than that and you're dead. However, I believe we have security refresher courses available. Why come to me?"

The thought of having to actually kill someone was more than a little disturbing to Louise, she wasn't a security officer, she wasn't even on the reserve list in case of boarding operations, she was one of the many who security were supposed to protect, but it came with the responsibility of being issued a weapon she guessed, the fact that an enemies life could be in your hands entirely, "well as long as there are courses that's fine, I mean the last thing I'd want to do is be an inconvenience to you and your team."

Leyton looked at the woman for a moment. "Wanting to learn to defend yourself in a fight is never an inconvenience. I will train you if you wish. But be warned, I'm not an easy instructor. I'll expect the same from you as I do from my Security Officers. Still up for it?"

Louise nodded firmly with a look of determination in her eyes, "yes, as my father said if you're going to learn from someone, learn from the best, I've no problem putting in the effort, if you find a time that suits you I'll clear it with the Commander, I doubt he'll give me more than a few hours per week is the only things." She was sure the Commander wouldn't mind her efforts to better herself but with the increased work load as of late she was also sure that he wouldn't want her to be gone for days on end.

Leyton shook her head slowly. "I'm not the best but I know what I do by listening to and taking advice from people who knew more than me and who were better than me..." she trailed off as she thought about Major Hayes, Lt. Reed, Dr. Phlox, and Captain Archer and the advice they had given her during her time aboard the Enterprise. "But a few hours will be fine. We can start either this evening or tomorrow if you'd like."

"This evening would be good, I finish up at 1500 hours today, any time after that is fine with me?" It was perhaps sooner than she had been expecting but there was no going back now, she was going to push herself to her limits but already knew her three gym sessions a week probably weren't going to cut it if Leyton decided to push her.

"Good. I'll see you then." Leyton watched Ensign Kennedy leave her office. As the doors closed, she let out a sigh as she wnet back to trying what to place in her office when she had an idea.


A moment later Leyton placed a replicated painting of the NX-01 Enterprise in orbit around Earth on the bulkhead behind her desk. Taking a step back, she grinned at the picture.


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