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Posted on Fri Jun 8th, 2012 @ 11:16am by Commander Christopher Holden & Lieutenant Kathryn Fletcher & 1st Lieutenant Craig Tybalt (Cuz)

Mission: Countdown
Location: Outside Meeting Room Beta
Timeline: After "Unexpected Goings On"

Fletcher had wanted to catch the Commander after the meeting, but sadly the new officer Tybalt seemed to have either upset the Commander, or something else was going on. She had acquiesced to his order but at the same time she still needed to see him. She had made the choice to hang around outside the conference room, waiting for both officers to emerge as she still had to inform the Commander of the condition of his Counselor.

Really she should have been keeping it between just her and Holden, but matters were serious, maybe this Tybalt could offer something... anything to help her with this matter. She had allowed her mind to wander while waiting, running through the different possibilities. Should she cut the power... that could kill both Addison and the child. Should she reduce the power incermentally... that could cause lasting damage to the cerebralcortexe of both patients. Could she bring them out of the coma like state with medications.... Again, it would be untested and could lead to other medical complications even more serious than the current predicament.

The gentle hiss of the conference room doors snapped her round to find Holden, then, Tybalt exiting the room.
"Commander, may we speak... its important!"

"Of course Doctor, you mind if we walk and talk however?" Holden didn't actually have time to spare but being approachable to his senior officers was something he was keen to engender.

She fell into step beside Holden and Tybalt as the Commander started his trek through the hallways of the station.
"Its about Counselor Addison sir".

"Go on" he said tentatively, Addison had been noticeable by her absence from the meeting although her attendance wasn't compulsory so he had given it no further thought.

Fletcher swallowed, suddenly feeling her mouth going dry with the anticipation of telling him the news. She still didn't know Holden that well and she didn't know how he would take the news. "She went into another deep thought projection therapy with the child she's been working with and that was over three hours ago. We can't seem to bring her or the child around without causing damage to both. I have had some of my best minds look at this but they are at a loss. I could use the help of the R&D science officers, but I have a feeling that something more is happening here... I'm worried Commander!"

Though really he wasn't part of the conversation and the medical field...Well, he knew how to cause injuries and receive injuries (both he was good at). Fixing them? Not beyond the standard field aid, that all grunts were taught. No...He was just trying to get back to Ranger Country...Still...

"Sounds like you need a Vulcan." He said before entering the first turbo-lift they came upon.

She shot the Lieutenant a sideways glance but softened it with a lopsided smile. "I'd be lying if I said I hadn't already thought about it. The only problem is sending a linked mind into that kind of technological connection is we don't know if it would be dangerous or not", she looked back to Holden. "Hence I need to ask the other knowledgeable people on the station if they could take a look at it. I don't know what sort of effect this could have on both Addison and her patient in the long term".

Holden had already lost two officers in the last month and now Addison's experiment threatened to add to the list, "do whatever you can Doctor, you have my permission to use any assets we have available" the last thing he had to say didn't give him any pleasure but as Commanding Officer the call was his and he had to make it, pausing slightly he continued "if you can save them both of course I want you to attempt to do so but Addison is our top priority, do you understand Doctor?"

Again she was posed with a Command choice that weighed heavy on her. She understood his reasoning as Counselor Addison could be a rather large asset to Starfleet Medical, but to sacrifice a child to gain her survival seemed barbaric.
"I hope it doesn't come to that!"

"Neither do I Doctor but if it does, well, let's cross that bridge if we get to it, is there anything else I can help you with?" Before Fletcher could reply the turbo lift doors opened presenting them with the access corridor that made up the command level, Ops to the middle of the station while a number of officers were circled the outside, stepping out of the lift car the small group of officers could effectively talk in private.

"Just one other item sir". She followed Holden down into the center of the room. "I was...", she hesitated not sure how to broach the subject. "I was wondering if my bridge officers examination was t continue even with the reassignment of Commander Veh". She found she couldn't look at Holden, not directly when the name of the man she had fallen for left her lips and she could see that Holden had picked up on the bottled emotions that simmered beneath Fletcher's professional exterior.

With a slight shrug of his shoulders Holden looked Fletcher dead in the eye, "as far as I'm concerned you passed all the required tests, Starfleet Medical have yet to reply but if I'm honest, they're swamped so it may take a little time to come through" there was a slight pause as he tried to gauge Kathryn's reaction, "to me at least, you're a Lieutenant Commander in all but rank so will be expected to perform as one from now on and on that note I want you to make an effort with our new XO, I reckon the two of you should clear the air."

Fletcher set her jaw realizing she had allowed her emotions to win out. Nothing more could be said as she had been told even though the Commander had been more than polite about it.
"Yes sir!", she stiffened herself as she said the words but wanted nothing more than to go back home to Earth and resume her post there. "Right away sir!"

Watching Fletcher as she left Holden turned to Tybalt, "Never a dull moment around here." Relaxing slightly he decided to try and ease things between them, the last thing he wanted was conflict between them to spill over to other departments and cause grief for anyone, "the last of the Rangers should be here in the next day or two, let me know if you need anything specific, training areas, briefing rooms, that sort of thing."

"Will do Commander" replied Tybalt as he avoided answering too quickly, "where possible I want the Rangers to integrate with the rest of the station's crew, diffuse any possible tension that can arise from giving any one department or unit special provisions." To Holden the attitude and approach Tybalt was presenting gave him hope that things around the station would run smoothly, replying with a smile he left the Ranger to get on with his duties.


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