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A warm welcome

Posted on Sun May 20th, 2012 @ 6:38pm by Lieutenant Commander Kristina Mason & Commander Christopher Holden

Mission: Countdown
Location: Captain's Ready Room

It had been a hectic few days, after a flying trip along the Romulan border and a fire fight with Orion pirates things had been anything but dull, now as he settled back into his large spacious ready room which in of itself was the size of the Fearless' bridge he quickly read through the officer profile sent to station only a matter of hours earlier. It was that of one Kristina Mason and from he read she was both an exceptional officer when she wanted to be and a malcontent who didn't give a damn about rank, she would be handy in a pinch but the rest of the time he wondered what she'd be up too.

A brief text message appeared at the bottom of his screen to advise Mason had just arrived on the station, her transport departing moments after dropping her off. As he sat and waited for the chime at the door he thought of Veh and his reassignment to a fighter squadron being raised to defend Barradas III, he was an ideal candidate who happened to be in the right place at the right time, well as far as he was concerned, Holden however felt saddened as he didn't get to say goodbye to the man who had shown such a drive.


Never being one to beat around the bush Mason swiftly left the docking bay and immediately set about locating Commander Holden. Cerberus station, it seemed despite its bulbous appearance as a cutting edge, pulsating epicentre of research and development with an immensely intelligent crew base. She'd pawed over the stations details and crew manifest that were available to her on the journey in an attempt to understand why she'd been forced up and out of her position on Deep Space 12.

Sure, the wind was changing direction, she had been able to sense it, her previous record wasn't exactly sparkling clean, her attitude had landed her in hot water yet despite all of that she had remained in Starfleet and on top of that was being promoted. It didn't make sense to her, she wasn't cut out to be in charge of anything serious except layabouts and criminals, she yearned to protect others not to explore the recesses of the unknown.

Expelling a sigh in the confides of the turbo car Mason composed herself as it drew to smooth halt, and then with a soft hiss the doors drew back to reveal the stations beating pulse - the glittering Operations centre. It made quite an impressive sight with a far more smooth, free flowing and very Federation layout in comparison to the bulky, awkward system she'd been previously use to.

A short enquiry led her to Holden's ready room at the core of the space. She jabbed the chime with the pad of her thumb feeling eyes raking her turned back and the twitter of whispers. She squared her shoulders in defiance at the irritation before half turning to peer over her shoulder with an icy cold glare. As she'd predicted those watching with keen eyes turned sharply away their faces glowing with shame. Mason allowed herself to smirk slightly at her slight victory.

Trying to act unsurprised at the moment he had been waiting for seemed trickier than he thought but as he stood then quickly sat down again he decided to swing his computer round before replying, "enter" the reply sounding as dry and dull as he had hoped for.

With her tense frame Mason crossed into the spacious room that served as Holden's ready room trying to not allow it to distract from her intended target. With rapt attention she bought her march like walk to a halt and stood stock still at Holden's desk. Casually she flicked her eye over his relaxed body outline and briefly wondered if he really cared for such parades she was carrying out.

Never mind, it was too late to matter now. "Lieutenant Commander Kristina Mason reporting for duty sir," she continued with the notion anyway.

Standing to meet her Holden couldn't help but admire the professionalism of the woman before him, no other officer had introduced them self in such a way for sure, "at ease Commander, welcome to Cerberus Station" standing briefly to shake hands Chris returned to his seat, "so what are your first impressions of the station?" The question was clearly open but Mason's response would at least let him know if she was a diplomat, a realist or just brutally honest amongst other things, all in an attempt to gauge his new executive officer.

Feeling obligated she shook his hand feeling overshadowed slightly by his height, she felt herself extend her muscles tighter still to compensate before Holden retreated behind his desk. When he reclined back into his seat did she relax, though not completely and regarding his question.
"Glad I don't have to look at its exterior," she said plainly before the thought had fully formed. "I've seen anomalies that look more aesthetically pleasing to the eye."

A faint smile crossed Holdens face before he spoke, "well you know what they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, besides after that Cardassian bicycle wheel you were posted to I thought you'd appreciate the sleek lines of a Federation installation." It was clear from Chris' tone he was jesting but before things became too informal he dragged himself back to the current situation, "while you get settled in I've got something for you to read, no doubt you've been brushing up on the station's layout and the senior staff but this mission we've been given may be just up your street, have a read and get back to me this afternoon, there's going to be a staff meeting as well, I expect you to put forward a few ideas." As he finished he slid a Padd across the desk, "any questions?"

She picked up the padd and held for a moment as if testing its weight before responding to Holden's final question. She wanted to ask him a great deal, one that pressed her most of all centred upon her being here in the first place. Though with second thoughts now properly wasn't the best time to ask since she'd just tested the waters, and diving into such discussions could cast a poor light upon herself. Not that she hadn't in the past.
"No, sir, or at least not at present."

"Carry on then Commander, I look forward to seeing what questions you come back with." As Mason left he couldn't help but wonder what the fuss was all about, she carried herself well, was confident and had lots experience, the very things any good executive officer had in spades, perhaps it was just a matter of wait and see.


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