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Spirit of Cooperation

Posted on Sun Jun 10th, 2012 @ 9:35pm by Lieutenant Commander Kristina Mason & Lieutenant Kathryn Fletcher

Mission: Countdown
Location: USS Brittain

The Commander had offered advise and insight when Kathryn had cornered him back on the station and at the time it had sounded like good advice, settle your problems with Commander Mason. Now, however, standing outside of her quarters on the Brittain seemed far more difficult than she had expected. Granted she still had unresolved issues with Veh and they would probably never be resolved now, but she also had issue with the new First Officer. She had heard of the officer in question having been groomed by Admiral Beverly DeVuor for many years yet she had a spotty past at best.

It was a simple question that she had for the first officer, will my bridge officers examination be continued to completion or is that it finished? All she needed to do was extend her hand and press the chime on the door, the only problem was the invisible barrier that seemed to be preventing her from doing just that.

Kristina Mason tried not to wince as she paced through the corridors of the Brittain, departure was scheduled in just under and hour and while all systems checked in there was something of a personal matter to remedy before then.

Namely her uncomfortable shoes that had since that morning had rubbed her feet into a blistering state. She needed to replicate something more comfortable and to ease the sores on her heels, however her personal errand was shunted firmly out of her mind at the sight of Fletcher standing outside her quarters looking torn.

"Doctor Fletcher, what are you doing?" she probed.

The first officer had to call the Doctors name a second time before it pulled her from her thoughts.
"Commander... I'm sorry... I needed to... I wanted to ask you a question!", the words had departed her lips before she had really had the chance to think them through but it was already to late.

Mason inhaled deeply and shifted her weight to ease the discomfort, "Alright, out with it."

The brash nature of the Commander started to put Fletcher's back up, but then again she could have delivered the initial question in a more delicate manner than she had.
"I would rather it was in private if we may Commander?" she asked, finding that looking her in the eye was beyond her ability.

Mason studied the Doctor for a long moment, "Very well," she responded striding forward into her new quarters still starkly empty save for the trimming already provided. She turned and gestured for Fletcher to follow, then, without checking to see if she'd caught the sign Mason sat , untied the laces of her shoes and eased out her feet.

Fletcher followed the Commander into the familiar quarters. They had been the same ones assigned to Veh in his time here, and these had been the very same quarters that they had spent their first night together. She could see nothing more than Veh's muscular form leading her into the room before they had slowly explored each others bodies. She couldn't look at Mason without seeing her as an intruder so she fixed her eyes on the window behind the Commander.

Wiggling her toes Mason looked up, "What is it you wished to ask?"

She took a breath to steady herself, finding a point from the window that she could fix on, in this instance it was a worker bee dancing over the skin of another ship in dock that could be seen from this view point.

"Commander... I was in the process of undergoing my bridge officers examination under the guidance of your predecessor", she caught her voice trembling and for several seconds, what felt like an eternity, she remained silent forcing her emotions back into check. "Commander Holden has suggested that I check in with you to finish my examination... incase anything was missed".

The room still had the same smell of his aftershave, clinging in the air and dredging up more memories that made the pain of the unfinished business all the harder to take.

Mason continued to study Fletcher as she stood and spoke with awkwardness, clearly whatever it was she was feeling didn't tally up with the topic she spoke of. She turned her head slightly dwelling on how Fletcher's voice seemed to tremble and how she avoided using Veh's name as if it hurt too much to do so. She felt a wave of sympathy having endured loss herself on many levels, "Thank you for bringing this to my attention Doctor, I'll go over the records from your tests to see what is still required," she nodded. "Was there anything else?"

"No ma'am", Kathryn turned on her heel and started for the door not wanting to drag the situation out any longer than it already had been.

She allowed her to leave without further challenge, then once the door had rolled closed Mason sat forward resting elbows on her knees and mulled over what had just transpired. This was a new challenge for her face among the mountain she was expected to climb as XO - how to ease another in mourning, or at least suffering a great personal loss?


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