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Meeting The New Boss

Posted on Wed Jun 13th, 2012 @ 6:12pm by Lieutenant Commander Kristina Mason & Lieutenant Arthur Stevenson

Mission: Countdown

Arthur Stevenson dug his arm back into the helm console on the bridge of the Brattain, cables hung out all over the place as he yanked out the faulty module that had started to play up, he was currently the only one on the bridge, but he had received word that the new CO of the Brattain would be arriving shortly, and he wanted to have all the bridge systems working properly.

It only took the Engineer a moment to get the new module into place and connected before he looked up to the ceiling. "Computer, run a level 4 diagnostic on the helm systems and give the results." He said to the ceiling.

"Working." Was the simple reply from the computer.

"Please tell me you didn't break the ship?" a voice sounded behind. Lieutenant Commander Mason stood with her hands upon her hips looking displeased.

"I don't break it, I fix it when other people break it." He pointed out without even looking back, a tricorder getting scooped up into his hand before he flicked it on, scanning over the rest of modules and cabling. "Is there anything I can help you with?"

"You could show more respect when in the presence of a senior officer," Mason's voice took a cold edge.

The computer chirped up. "Diagnostic complete."

"Hold the results." Arthur commanded the computer before he looked back to Mason. "Sorry Ma'am, I did not know you out ranked me." He said in a soft tone. "Is there anything that I can do for you?"

The hands slipped and the stance eased, "I've come to learn more about the ship, what seems to be the problem with the helm?"

Arthur reached down with his left hand and picked up the faulty module he had replaced. "This module developed some problems, I can repair it down in engineering, just had to swap it out with one that worked." He paused as he dropped the module down into his kit. "If I may ask, who are you?"

Mason closed her eyes briefly, what a way to make a first impression. She reopened them and offered a stiff smile, "Lieutenant Commander Mason, the Cerberus' new first officer. And you must be Lieutenant Stevens I presume?"

"Actually no, Lieutenant Stevens is on the Fearless." Arthur replied curtly. "I am Lieutenant Stevenson, it is a pleasure to meet you Ma'am." He quickly stood up and brushed himself off to make sure he was somewhat presentable. "I am going to assume that being the XO of the station also makes you CO of the Brattain?"

"Something like that," Mason smiled fully. "I apologise for muddling you with Stevens and if I came across rude a moment ago."

"It is fine, so with you being CO of this ship, that makes me your XO, pleasure to meet you." Arthur pushed his right hand forward, holding it out to Mason.

She stepped forward and shook his outstreched hand with a firm grip before releasing it. "Likewise, now other than a rouge module anything else a miss with the ship that I should be aware of?"

"Apart from all the loose nuts behind the consoles?" He asked in a joking tone. "Because there is a ship full of those."

Her lips twitched slightly at his quip. "I dare say every ship has several of those. Carry on Lieutenant," she smiled stepping back.

"Will do Boss." He replied curtly before he turned back around. "Computer, read out the results and download them to PADD 471A" He commanded the ships computer before settled back down into a sitting position.


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