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Bar Brawl

Posted on Tue Jun 5th, 2012 @ 10:12pm by Lieutenant JG Samantha Leyton & Crewman Ti Anjar

Mission: Countdown
Location: Zark's Bar
Timeline: Occurs after "First Steps"

Leyton sat at her desk in her office, feeling a bit embarrassed by not being more attentive to her duty by making a unprofessional comment about the Klingons to Crewman Ti infront of the commander. She knew better than that.

=/\=Ensign Daniles to Lieutenant Leyton! We have a situation here with the Klingons. They're getting disorderly and are drunk at Zark's Bar!=/\=

Leyton could hear the commotion in the background. =/\=Be right there. Contain them. Leyton, out.=/\=

She stood and began for her door before a thought hit her. These were Klingons and respected strength. She would show them strength. Opening a nearby cabinet, she drew her retractable stun baton--one she used many times in her MACO days. 'Dated, but still very effective,' she thought as she walked out of her office at a brisk pace.


The commotion could be heard across the promenade as Leyton came to the entrance to the bar. "Klingons!" she bellowed at the top of her lungs over the noise.

The six klingons in the bar stopped their loud behavior and looked at Leyton.

"If you do not settle down, you will be removed from this bar! You are visitors aboard a Federation starbase and you will observe our rules, or be removed by any means necessary."

"Ah! This is the one who claimed in the Brittain's engineering that she could beat a Klingon!" claimed one, raising a glass of bloodwine into the air and then throwing it at Leyton will all of his strength.

Leyton stepped to the side as the glass impacted the bulkhead behind her. Her face remained neutral but inwardly, she was smiling as she extended the stun baton with a flick of her wrist.

"I'll show you to respect klingons human female!" cried a Klingon to lept at her from the corner.

Catching the movement in her periphial vision. Leyton spun on her heel to face the charge and took a step back as she pushed the Klingon forward, using his momentum and weight against him and brought the stun baton hard against the klingon's back, sending him off balance and crashing into a table.

Ti stood up straight, is off-duty clothes drenched from the chest down. The impact had knocked his drink over, and that wasn't acceptable. He looked down at the Klingon lying face down next to the table, and then up at Leyton, the Bajoran only now noticing what was going on.

"Can't I have a quiet drink in peace?"

Although off-duty, Ti had been ready to step in if things had gotten out of hand. As far as he was concerned things hadn't gotten dangerous until now. Perhaps he should have acted earlier, but now that bodies had started flying he supposed it was time to do his job. The Bajoran reached for his concealed phaser and looked around the room. All eyes were on Leyton and her unusual weapon, and there were still five Klingon engineers left standing. If it were any other species visiting the station on business, this would have already been cause for a diplomatic incident, but Ti hoped that brute force would be an acceptable way to deal with the Klingons. Best to act hard and fast, and write the report afterwards.

"Officer St'tagh was reaching for a his dagger" would be Ti's explanation as to why he had stunned him in the chest at point blank range.

"The damage to premises was unavoidable" Ti would later write, when asked why a Klingon was found with his head lodged in the furniture.

Adrenaline was surging through Ti as he span around, spotting Leyton in the middle of the remaining three Klingons, wielding her baton in the name of justice.

Ensign Daniels had been tossed out of the bar through a glass window by a Klingon.

Leyton knew she could do nothing for him now as she delivered a swift kick to a Klingon's groin so hard that it seemed to lift him slightly off the ground as he howled in pain, the howl was cut short as Leyton followed through as her baton struck the side of his head in full swing, sending him to the deck unconscious.

She turned just as a Klingon's fist connected, sending her reeling backwards to the deck. Another picked her up from behind as the previous one moved in to finish her off. Leyton snapped her legs out, striking the klingon center in the chest and causing the other to loosen his grip as he stumbled. She grabbed his hand and twisted it backwards, and bringing it close to her, causing him to lean forward as her knee struck the Klingon in the face, shattering his nose and slamming her elbow down onto his arm, a loud snap could be heard as he cried out in pain from the broken elbow and torn ligaments he now had from the blow.

"Take this for the pain" Ti quipped as he stunned the engineer with his phaser. There was only one of them left, and between Leyton's baton and Ti's phaser, the odds were not in his favour. Suddenly, the Klingon burst out in laughter, a laughter that came deep from within. He leant back and kept on roaring with it. "Do you think this is a good sign?" an unsure Ti asked his boss.

"Well, he's not charging," she said, taking time to wipe blood from her lip. "But he can laugh his way down to the brig with his friends until Holden or their Commanding Officer speaks with me."

"You fight well, human!" The klingon laughed. "I have not enjoyed such a fight in a long time!"

"Glad I could entertain you. Brig. Now," she motioned with her stun baton, as more security officers arrived to help escort the injured and the laughing Klingon to the brig.

"Look at my bar!" Zark, a Ferengi protested angerly, coming out from behind his bar.

Despite her jaw being sore, Leyton grinned. "Don't worry, I'll have a maintenance team come and help you fix any major structural damage. Have a good day, Zark." Leyton enjoyed doing anything to upset Zark.

She looked at Ti. "Good work, Crewman." She then made her way over to Ensign Daniels, who was being helped up slowly by another officer. "You ok, Daniels?"

"I...I'm fine ma'am. Just a little dazed."

"Get to the infirmary just to be safe."

"Aye, ma'am."

Seeing that the area was secured, Leyton retracted her stun baton and holstered it onto her duty belt. and followed the six Klingons to the brig, being escorted by a dozen security officers.


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