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Posted on Fri Jun 15th, 2012 @ 6:30pm by Lieutenant JG Erienne Tosca & 1st Lieutenant Craig Tybalt (Cuz) & Gunnery Sergeant Gabriel MacIson (Gunny) & Corporal David Carpenter (Cypher) & Wren Tyron [PNPC Carpenter] & Staff Sergeant Eric Mixon (Cable) [PNPC Wayne] & Corporal William Kirby (Chi-Town) [PNPC Tybalt]

Mission: Countdown
Location: Tyron's Bar & Grill, Promenade
Timeline: 2100

The bar was quiet, which was unusual for the end of a workday, but Wren had seen to it that most of the loiterers had gone off. It wasn't that he didn't welcome the company, but he was sure Tybalt wouldn't appreciate a bunch of stone drunks lining the bar past their bedtime either. He was wiping the wooden counters with a rag, the din of the atmosphere chilled, quiet. Not quite empty, with the employees that were working and a few who had deigned to sit in and eat.

The establishment itself had a homey sort of vibe to it, with dark wood surrounding the walls, tables and chairs. Wren wasn't a keen decorator, so there were a few ambiguously questionable pieces of artwork on the walls. Anna had told him they were hideous, but it was better than nothing. Sort of. A small ahem drew Wren's attention from his polishing and he looked down at his current roommate with a smile.

David did not look nearly as ecstatic. He stood with his arms crossed, a perplexed expression on his face. Wren leaned forward and handed him a menu. "Go'wan, sit down. Order somethin'. It won't bite," he teased. David didn't seem so certain, but he made his way to a secluded table as the rest of the Reapers slowly piled through the doors, along with a small scattering of civilians and Starfleet officers.

"Jess, take care 'them, huh?" Wren asked a petite woman wearing a black apron. He handed her a tray and she scurried off to take their orders.

"Hey Wren, I'll have a whiskey, with a beer chaser." It was Kirby.

"No he won't." Craig said, as he entered the bar & grill. "He'll sit at a table and he'll have just the chaser with his meal."

Kirby gave his leader a dirty look. "Make the beer, a stout." He said, as he sat down and checked the menu. "And please, no synthahol."

Wren smiled at the pair as they walked in and sat down. "No worries, folks," he called out, pulling down a tab behind the counter and filling up a few tall glasses.

Gabriel sat down at the table with the other Rangers. He was dressed in a simple pair of jeans and a v-neck t-shirt.
"Steak and eggs." He said simply without looking at the menu.

Jess made her way to the table, writing down various orders as they were called out, weaving through the throng of people expertly. David frowned at the menu in his hands, before pointing at his indication and handing the menu to Jess. "Just a salad?" she asked him, smiling down at the crew calmly. He blinked at her. "Well, all right then," she said a little awkwardly. "What can I get for you?" she asked, looking at Tybalt.

"I'll have steak and eggs too." The Ranger CO answered. Like many of the older Rangers, he stayed with the traditional 'Last Meal'.

One of the first things Erienne picked up on when on field trips, camping out with people from different cultures was 'do as the natives, eat as the natives'. Meal times where a fountain of information about, well, everything! She looked at the menu, which seemed to lean heavily towards charred meat or barely charred meat. As everyone ordered food, Erienne realised she wasn't particularly hungry, but eating a meal together was a process of bonding. Charred meat it was, then. "Oh, and some red wine," she added. She smiled randomly at people at the table, while unfolding her napkin and placing it on her lap.

Wren made his way over with a tray of glasses and set them down. "Anythin' you need, let me know," he told them a little stiltedly, giving a nod of his head. He flexed his fingers at his sides a bit before retreating back to the bar to get their orders.

As Erienne sat down and Wren left, David frowned to himself, looking extremely uncomfortable amidst the social climate. He uncharacteristically grabbed one of the beers that Wren had set down, but traced his finger along the edge of it awkwardly rather than drinking it.

"Either make love to the beer or drink it son, you don't need the foreplay." Gabriel said as he looked at the young man running his finger across the bottle of beer.

"I'm surprised he's drinking that." Stated Kirby just before taking another swig of his stout.

Craig grabbed the coffee, that everyone thought was for David. He got up and walked to the bar and handed Wren a meter long tube. "I figured you'd like to have something to hang on one of your walls." He opened it, giving the tapestry to the owner of the bar & grill. On it was a depiction of an Ace playing card with a skull in the spade. It sported the words, 'RIDE NUNC', just below it. Tybalt translated the Latin. "It means, 'Laugh Now'."

"Very kind of ya," Wren said as he took the tapestry tube.

The atmosphere at the table was odd, Erienne noted. 'Last meal' obviously had a defeatist feel to it, but the rangers didn't seem to be depressed or down in any way. "So," she said as she put her wine glass down. "ehm, will it just be food and desert or are there any other traditions that rangers adhere to? Any words or subjects to avoid talking about at the table? Will there be plate throwing at the end of the meal? You know, for good luck?"

Gabriel shrugged, "I'm not sure. From what I can tell, seeing as this is one of the many I've attended, each group is different. I've had last meals where we've sat and told jobs and joked about politics and sex, but I've had ones where its been nothing but silence." He glanced at the Lieutenant," I'm not sure what the meals are like here."

Erienne looked at Gabriel, and registered his comment as to mean that he was new, not just to the station, but to this group. It made her remember how she felt arriving at the station, all new and with no ties. And then to be sent off on a dangerous mission... She smiled warmly as a sort of belated welcome to a man she didn't know. "Well, new station, new beginning, new traditions will be born." She raised her glass to him. And as she took a sip of the wine, slightly sour, she thought how funny it was that she felt so at home in this group.

Gabriel made a small nod and took a swig from his beer.

David merely blinked, and tentatively raised his glass to do the same. He interrupted himself with a bout of coughing and shook his head, pushing the glass far away from him. "How you consume that is beyond me," the quiet programmer announced, making a face.

Wren and Tybalt made an appearance back at the table, with Wren setting down another tray filled with the food various people had ordered, and the RIDE NUNC tapestry tube still in his hands. "So, where should I hang this at?" he asked the table, unrolling the tapestry slightly to reveal the edges of the Reapers' logo.

There were a few bare walls and with the strange decorations already in place, Erienne did not think the tapestry would be out of place at all anywhere in this bar. Most rangers seemed more interested in the food in front of them though. But she decided to answer Wren, just so he did not feel ignored in favour of his food. "How about here?" she said as she point to the wall to her left, next to the table. "Make this the official Rangers table?" She paused and then added: "Well, rangers and friends table." So she didn't exclude herself or any others that joined in the madcap missions that were surely in the future of these daring people.

Wren set out to hang the tapestry on the wall. The people at the table were tucking in to their meal. Finally the tapestry rolled down dramatically. It evoked applause and some cheering. The smiles on people faces lifted the mood a little, and another round of drinks made everyone more loud and talkative. In the end, it did feel more like a party than a wake.


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