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Breaking out the atlas

Posted on Thu May 31st, 2012 @ 10:54am by Commander Christopher Holden & Lieutenant JG Lo'val Gren & Lieutenant JG Tavek & Ensign Louise Kennedy

Mission: Countdown
Location: Landing Bay Three
Timeline: MD1 1620

As her shift was coming to an end there was one final task she had to ensure the Commander completed, the stations own engineers had been working hard since the loss of Commander Auster to the anomaly, it was the only thing they could do to take their minds off of things and to help build the relatively new team. "You're last appointment of the day Commander, 1630 hours in the landing bay, have you selected a new name?" To Holden the project had been an interesting exercise as he had been able to watch something be born, it was the first of probably many craft to be constructed at Cerberus and as a Starbase she'd no doubt have to supply new auxiliary craft for her own use and for visiting starships, "did you know they send a list or pre-approved registries and names nowadays? I guess it avoids confusion, I've already given Tavek the registry but the name I've gone for is Vrelo, thankfully Earth has plenty of rivers eh." Finishing with a quick smile he grabbed his jacket before zipping it up and making sure his pips were straight, the ceremony was to be brief, one just for the engineers more than anything.

Gren and Tavek had been organising the engineering and flight crew on the flight deck in preparation for the Commander's arrival, there was an air of excitement as the various engineers could be seen to swell with pride at their achievement, granted the Danube class was a tried and tested design but it was still a good exercise in co-ordination and organisation, "everything sorted then?" asked Gren as he looked down the line of officers and crewmen, "indeed" came Tavek's every predictable reply. Moment later the double pneumatic doors hissed open as Holden and Kennedy entered the bay making their way to the small lectern, the assembled group snapping to attention in unison, not bad as they had been only practising it minutes ago.

"Thank you everyone, stand at ease" allowing just a moment for the assembled group to adjust their stance he continued, "I know runabouts don't tend to get an official commissioning ceremony but this craft is more than a replacement craft, she's the first of what will no doubt many we construct to support fleet operations, you should all be proud of what you've done in such a short space of time." A ripple of applause rang out and as Holden joined in he thought of the officer he had lost along with the runabout this one replaced, perhaps this was all part of the healing process. As the applause died down Kennedy double tapped her comm badge and a moment later a bottle champagne materialised on the lectern, Holden grabbing it moments after the transport completed and flashed a smile to his adjutant. "By the power vested in me by Starfleet Command and with the authority of Starfleet Operations, as of Stardate 64207.4 this new craft is to be commissioned with the name craft Vrelo, may all who travel aboard her do so safely." Turning to the front of the craft he swung the bottle at the corner of the of the hull, the contents splashing across its front before running off onto the deck only to be met with large cheers and more applause, the junior officers and crewmen involved had bonded, now he just needed to do the same with the rest of the crew.


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