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Posted on Wed May 30th, 2012 @ 1:04pm by Lieutenant Léon Richard

Mission: Countdown
Location: Operations
Timeline: After meeting
Tags: Anyone

Léon sat at the Science station running simulations and prodding the screen with purpose. He had been mostly silent during the mission briefing - indeed, he'd been pretty quiet since his arrival on Cerberus a few days ago - but not without reason. His mind stewed over the details they had been given. He told himself he had plenty of time for introductions and salutations later.

A simulation of the probe's intended and final trajectory played silently in front of him. He kept mumbling to himself, "Probes do not just go off course."

"Computer," He said aloud, "Repeat information on the class-five drone."

The computer chirped appropriately and began to sound off her wisdom. "The Class Five Probe is a medium range reconnaissance and analysis drone. It is powered by a small matter-antimatter engine, providing power for extended duration sublight and a limited duration warp travel at a maximum of warp factor 2 -"

"Halt," Léon ordered. He turned back to his PADD and continued writing, now mumbling "Matter-Antimatter engine."

Rubbing his hairy chin, Léon wondered if he hadn't been sitting here for too long. He had only briefly acknowledged the other officers around him, but they were all duty officers. Now his stomach growled, all he had eaten was a small pastry this morning and he realized it was time for a break.

"Perhaps it's time to meet some people?" He wondered aloud, closing down his simulations and heading to the Promenade.


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