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meeting the Rangers CO

Posted on Mon Jun 4th, 2012 @ 5:39pm by 1st Lieutenant Craig Tybalt (Cuz) & Gunnery Sergeant Gabriel MacIson (Gunny)

Mission: Countdown
Timeline: After Briefing


Gabriel hadn't been able to tell why he had been transferred to Cerberus Station after only serving a year on the Hornet, but his TAD papers informed him to report to one, 1st Lieutenant Craig Tybalt on the Station. So, here he was, Duffle bag in hand, uniform squared away, and his hair trimmed high and tight. He pushed the chime to the CO's office, "Gunnery Sergeant Gabriel MacIson reporting as ordered SIR." He called through the Intercom speaker.

"Enter." Came the answer.

As the sniper walked into the office, he saw no one, though he could hear noises coming from behind the stacks of grey containers that were all over the room, make it look smaller than it really was.

"So, how's 'Mom' doing?" Some one said, from behind the boxes. 'Mom' was the call sign for Colonel Frank Gentry, the overall commander of the Rangers in this part of space, presently his 'headquarters' was on the USS Hornet.

Gabriel straightened, "He's good sir. Misses the Action though." He knew immediately that he was in the presence of another Ranger and knew that he had been TAD to another Ranger unit.

A head popped up from behind one of the stacks. "There should be a padd on the desk, with the 13th Rangers 'Ace of Spades' image. It's yours. On it is your room assignment, I put you with Corporal Kirby, and...Do you have your own gear, or do you need to draw some from supply?"

"I still have my gear sir." Gabriel said as he looked on the desk, "Sir, If I may ask, why am I being TAD to this unit?"

The CO of the 13th Rangers made his way to the desk, took a bunch of stuff off his chair and sat down. He then faced the Team Sargent. "You're here for two reasons...One, I have taken Corporal Kirby's sniper rifle away from him, so we need a good sniper...And two, we need a good platoon Sargent. You're the man Gentry had recommended.

Gabriel nodded, "Thank you sir. My rifle is yours. Is there anything I should know about this unit and the men sir?"

Tybalt filled him in, on the status of the unit.


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