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Posted on Sat Jun 9th, 2012 @ 8:18pm by Lieutenant Kathryn Fletcher & Crewman Ti Anjar

Mission: Countdown
Location: Sickbay

Ti sat topless on the bed in the centre of the sickbay, leaning with his arms behind his back. He was trying not to appear as bored as he felt. Ti's had been in good physical condition since he became a Federation citizen two years ago. Proper health care can do wonders for anyone.

The instant that Kathryn had entered the sickbay all thought of the meeting she had with Commander Holden faded. A half naked, and not displeasing in the least Bajoran male sat on the biobed. Most of her female staff seemed to have noticed also.
"I could get used to this", she said with a coy smile tugging at her lips as she crossed over to him. "Can I help you?"

"Yes you can help me," he snapped. "I'm wondering how long it will take for your nurse to get back with the test results. I've been poked, probed and prodded all in the name of a routine pre-mission checkup. And it's been quite a routine!"

"I'm sure there are other reason behind keeping you waiting", she did a quick scan of his medical history that one of the many nurses handed to her as she passed. "According to your medical history you have the usual markers that every Bajoran would hold from broken bones and signs of starvation, malnutrition so on and so forth". She lifted her gaze from the PADD to the medical readout display mounted in a holographic display above the Bajoran. "No abnormalities are detected on your bio scan...", finally she smiled at the Crewman. "I'd say your set to go!"

Ti sighed and rubbed his face with his hands. "Those markers of early malnutrition are hiding something else. If you run a level 3 neurological scan you should find that I'm suffering from Kelora's Ataxia. It's a rare degenerative syndrome that can affect the Bajoran nervous system. Have you heard of it?"

Gently she guided the Bajoran back down onto the biobed with a firm hand. His skin seemed warm under hers and reminded her of the feel of Veh, the only difference being how cool the Trills skin had been in comparison to the Bajoran's.
"If you don't mind I would like to investigate this further. Its not a condition I'm familiar with!"

Once he was once again on his back, his bare chest rising and falling with his breathing did she move across to the scan controls located on a podium that seemed to rise from the floor. She pressed a few commands and the room darkened and a holographic display began to cast a pastel light across everything as the scanner did its job.
"Is it a congenital defect?"

"Possibly," Ti began, "it was only recently that the methods to detect presymptomatic Kelora's Ataxia have been developed, so I will never know for sure when it started for me. But, I think my past will have had something to do with it. I was a long-term Neurozine addict, totally dependent. And then my supply was cut off. It didn't help that I was in prison at the time. Those scars on my bones are not from some Cardassian kicking a slave boy around. I was locked up right on the edge of Federation space. They called it the Laugh Riot, and the guards would quieten me down with a boot to the ribs. The moment anything got out of hand in there, they'd be quick to gun us all down on heavy stun. I woke up more times with no memory than during my stint at the academy."

Ti turned to make eye contact with the doctor for the first time. "Is it still scanning me, or were you enjoying my little story?"

It still amazed her how harsh the galaxy could be, and noone knew this more than the Bajoran people. They had suffered more than most yet they had still managed to survive the ordeal and retain their spiritual morality, not to mention coming out the other side as a much stronger and determined people than they had started out.
"I don't know what to say...", she paused a moment, her fingers resting on the scanner control podium. "I'm sorry. I had no idea that your experience had been so... severe!"

"The past is the past, Lieutenant. I told you what I thought might need to know for the diagnosis. I was in prison for good reason Lieutenant, I'd tell you about that too if I thought it was relevant."

The final comment worried her more than the medical condition but in the same token, if he wasn't a valued member of the fleet then Commander Holden would never have allowed his transfer to the station.
"A story for another time I take it?" her fingers had once again commenced with the task of a full tissue and systematic scan of the Bajoran. "Well, everything else seems to be in order Crewman. I have enough data here to be going on with and if I find anything you will be the first to know".

"Thanks" Ti muttered as he sat up and rubbed his face. "I know I'm in good hands while you're around." The sentiment seemed genuine enough, but Ti didn't make eye contact again as he got dressed and strode out of the sickbay, too many memories now fresh in his mind.


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