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First Steps

Posted on Tue Jun 5th, 2012 @ 7:10pm by Crewman Ti Anjar & Commander Christopher Holden & Lieutenant Commander Kristina Mason & Lieutenant Arthur Stevenson & Lieutenant JG Samantha Leyton

Mission: Countdown
Location: USS Brattain in Drydock
Timeline: MD1 15:10

The various engineers, both Klingon and Starfleet, had worked through the night to get the cloaking device operational, the sight that met him upon entering engineering was one of organised chaos, a new interface had been built to house teh device that sat in what used to be the Chief Engineers office, with Mason and Leyton flanking him he could also see the increased security presence as Ti continued to keep a watchful eye on the three Klingons who were helping Stevenson to calibrate the device, "how long until we're ready to give it a go?" Holden asked his senior engineer, the gaggle of officers all keen to see the device that would convert the small frigate into the stealth craft they needed.

"Should not be to long." Stevenson replied from inside the office. "Maybe an hour or so, just getting the final calibrations done, than we will run a few diagnostics." Arthur nodded to one of the Klingons there. "That should do that one, check the power links to the device, and check the outputs." Arthur and the Klingons continued their work diligently.

"Do you know what a Klingon's weak point is?" Ti was whispering to Leyton a little too loudly. "They don't have one. You have to kill them twice before they die."

"A cut throat will usually do the trick...or a hit to the groin," she whispered back.

"Shush," Mason hissed with authority to silence the two.

"Good, keep me informed, we're just doing a quick inspection for now, once you're happy we can take her for a quick spin, make sure everything works as planned." Holden waited for the quick reply from Stevenson before he led the group out of engineering waiting for the door to close before speaking again, "Lieutenant you and the crewman should keep things in check, the last thing we need to do is for a Klingon to take umbrage with a comment which they think has slighted their honour, as an officer you need to set a better example, is that clear?" The laxness of some of the officers on the station was becoming a slight concern for Holden and if he didn't make sure his senior officers were kept in line it set a bad example for the rest of the crew although he could tell Mason was slightly stunned at his immediate response to the comments.

"Yes, sir," Leyton said simply.

The First Officer backed Holden's comment with a further cold glare that in addition to her move to still them a moment ago signalled she meant wasn't kidding.

Stevenson could not help but chuckle softly as Leyton got told off, one of the Klingon's also gave off a laugh before he tossed a tool over to Stevenson and the group refocused on their task.

"Okay, now lets get back on track, signal the station and tell them we're going to conduct a trial flight" Holden continued as he spoke to Leyton before turning to Mason, "set a course for the far side of Aeobur Five, we'll conduct the test there, away from any prying eyes." As the officers exchanged a few nods Holden watched as the pair walked away down the corridor, as he stood there he wondered if the two security officers would hit it off, they had both been through so much in their lives up to this point he wondered if either of them had the faintest idea.


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