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Puff and Sweat

Posted on Sun Jun 17th, 2012 @ 9:48pm by Lieutenant Commander Kristina Mason & Lieutenant JG Samantha Leyton

Mission: Countdown
Location: Gym

Nothing could beat a workout for purging the body of restless energy. It was long into the night and with a mixture of strange surroundings and a thousand questions Kristina Mason could not sleep.

Instead she'd dressed in simple slacks and located the stations gymnasium preferring that over a holo programme any day. Although an hour or so into her exercise she was still let to find release from her active brain. Neither the weights nor the cycling had helped, the repetition of reps had lead to the steady thumping of the padded gloves against the reinforced punch back.

It felt good envisioning persons whom had a negative aspect upon her life to take shape on the bag, it certainly increased the pace and amount of energy she spent. In fact, she'd been so engrossed in blackening her opponent she'd hadn't heard someone else enter.

Leyton had seen people punch like that before--even done it herself and that meant one thing--they were envisioning pummeling someone. "So who is it, maam?"

Mason turned abruptly and put out an arm to stop the bag's momentum as she eyed up who it was intruding. She blew out a sigh of relief at Leyton's appearance somehow feeling at ease around her despite the fact they'd had never yet spoke directly to one another. "Just a ghost from my past," Mason remarked, "A stubborn one at that."

She flexed her gloved hands feeling the flesh beginning to throb beneath the bindings: "What brings you out at this hour?"

"Ghosts are always stubborn," she commented. "As for your question maam, I'm just having trouble sleeping so I decided to make use of my time rather than tossing, turning and staring at an empty bulkhead."

"I found running works well," Mason turned working the gloves loose. "And since none of us are on duty enough standing to attention and that maam lark." She smirked at Leyton.

Leyton grinned and nodded. "Very well. So, what made you take up kickboxing?"

The Commander shrugged. "Stress release, combat training, fitness, and besides that I enjoy it."

Leyton grinned. "I know the feeling. I come from a military family, so my father always made sure myself and brothers and sisters could look after ourselves."

"You box also?" Mason arched an eyebrow slightly suprised. "Perhaps we should spar," she said off handedly removing the binding around her hands and took a hungry measure of the water glass close by.

"Sounds good to me," she said as she grabbed some tape and began to wrap her hands.

Mason paused watching Leyton begin to bind her hands, "I wasn't expecting you to agree," she lowered the glass. "Do you need time to warm up?"

"Just a few minutes," she said before she used her teeth to tear the tape on her hands from the roll. She then began to do a series of stretches.

A few minutes later, she donned her gloves. "Ready?"

"Let's not go too mad," Mason continued to smile as she donned her own bulky pair. Then once the two were suitibly padded she raised her fists and heels, poised.

"Ok." After circling each other, Leyton lept forward, with a straight-forward kick.

A swift back step and swipe of the forehand blocked the move, harnessing the momentum Mason bought the second fist around into Leyton's body.

Leyton dropped her right arm as the blow came into her side. The blow glanced off her forearm, still striking her side but not as bad. Leyton swung her left leg in response at the XO's attack.

The second woman weathered the blow as it struck home with a firm connection on her thigh. Feeling a bruise welling Mason stepped lightly closer with a quick serious of jabs followed swiftly by a bent knee.

Leyton deflected the series of jabs with her hands but couldn't react in time as the knee struck her in the abdomen. Taking a few more steps back from the solid blow, Leyton went on the defensive as Mason continued to move in.

Coiling her fist closer for added power Mason inched closer to repeat another series of short jabs before swivelling upon the ball of her left foot to drive home a round house kick.

Blocking the second series of jabs with her arms, the XO's roundhouse speed was impressive and connected solid against her raised arm that protected her head. The blow caused Leyton to stumble off balance. Taking a few quick steps backwards and sideways to regain her balance, she saw the XO continue her onslaught as Leyton snapped out a low roundhouse kick of her own.

Pressing her advantage of Leyton's lost balance Mason closed in quicker to topple her Sam's leg shot out in a quick whipping manner and stuck the XO's knee. Instantly the Commander weavered, her balance lost, body tense as she attempted to regain control and few a agonising second she believed her fight to be over until her natural balance recovered.


Several minutes later, the two women sat down on a nearby bench, each sporting several bruises. "Great spar," Leyton congratulated the XO as she grabbed a towel.

"Agreed," Mason replied taking a swig of water. "Although I had a distinct feeling you were holding back."

"Some. Didn't want to use my full punches and kicks. The commander wouldn't be happy if his XO showed up bruised. I'm the chief of security, so I have a legal right by Starfleet to get bruises," she joked with a grin.

"Ah, touché," Mason smirked. "Well thank you Leyton, its been a pleasure."

"The pleasure was mine. We should do this more often," she offered, enjoying a good match when one presented itself.

The Commander gave her a sideways look, "You know I may have to take you up on that."


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