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History Lesson

Posted on Mon Jun 4th, 2012 @ 7:32pm by Lieutenant JG Erienne Tosca & Lieutenant Commander Kristina Mason

Mission: Countdown
Location: Science Dep.

The station in comparison to Deep Space 12 was on the same par in size, its structure and layout however were vastly different. Despite her previous negative opinion shared with Holden Lieutenant Commander Mason was finding herself wishing she could take them back. The fresh, clean lines and level headed design of the Federation was far superior to the ageing, harsh and complicated systems of the Nor class station.

The Sickbay, for example was a marvel and the Science department where she was currently investigating, well that was something completely different from anything she'd ever seen before.

She peered curiously at an artifact among the many scattered upon the work bench clearly in a state of cataloguing and analysing. She turned the object over in her hand with a frown having not the faintest idea what it was.

That was until her questioning gaze was answered by another occupent in the lab.

"That is actually a fake," Erienne said. "But funny enough, it is a unique fake, which makes it worth studying." She rolled her eyes and put a hand on her hip. "It's supposed to be a Bolian Fertility Deity, but it isn't. However, it seems to have been modelled on a Betazoid Deity, but one who was responsible for overseeing the safety of travellers." She grinned. "Bolians have no need to fertility gods, really. That's what tipped me off."

Erienne smiled in good humour. She was quite pleased to be able to formally introduce herself to the new second in command. "I'm Lieutenant Jg. Erienne Tosca, the A&A officer," she said as she extended her hand. "Is there anything I can do for you, sir?"

Giving the fake artifact one more swift turn Mason placed it back upon the table and shook Tosca's hand with a tight grip. "I'm just familiarising myself with the station and the personnel at the moment," she noted the way the Lieutenant spoke merrily of the artifact despite the truth it was a fake. She clearly enjoyed her role. "Tell me, what other affects do you have, I feel like I've stepped into a treasure trove instead of research centre."

There is nothing quite like having a superior officer ask about your work, Erienne thought. It is a pivotal moment, which can lead to sweating profusely, rambling and getting nervous hiccups. No matter how the request was worded, it always felt as if one had to prove the worth of one's research. She swiftly led the executive officer along the tables and shelves, talked her through some report on a display and answered the short questions fired at her. All this without so much as a sweaty upperlip, she concluded to herself.

"So that's what we do at the treasure trove," she ended with an attempt at a joke. "It's not the most exciting job, but nothing that passes through here leaves without teaching me something. Even if it is fake." She picked up the 'bolian' artifact and smiled.

"See," she said, as she peered at the back of the object. "This leads me to think that maybe someone, somewhere, is running a big scam. Trying to make a profit from unsuspecting tourists, or amateur collectors. We live in a large universe, and it is so easy to make people pay for something that isn't what they say it is." She tickled the little statue under its chin. "It is cute though, isn't it?"

"I guess that depends," the Commander took the piece in hand for closer inspection. "Personally I don't see why someone would want to buy something that this, let alone create a scam, though it is a good theory." Mason returned the figurine to Tosca having been impressed by the tour and the passion the young women held. "This is something you enjoy greatly I can tell, it begs the question why you chose to join Starfleet over countless digs and organisations?"

"Seriously?" Erienne asked with a smile. "I am too restless to stay in one place, or on one site for too long." She paused and then considered that a station was not exactly a mobile starship. "I mean, I am not just interested in the past, sir, or dead cultures. I am very much interested in new cultures, new civilisations to find and understand. Archeological digs are fun for a while, but Starfleet gives me the opportunity to go out and explore. No organisation has that kind of reach, or drive, or ... maybe more importantly: the resources." She looked the lt. commander straight in the eye. "My research can help further diplomatic relationships that can sustain peace withing the Federation, or with its allies. Or it can be of use in defending the Federation from its enemies. I can enjoy my work for myself, and at the same time feel I could make a difference."

It did sound pompous, the way she said it. But Erienne had worked with anthropologists both from private organisations as well as Federation and Starfleet scientists. And she had always felt that those connected to Starfleet had the most compassion and feeling of connection to all cultures in the Federation. They may not have flown starships into battle to physically defend what they believed in, but they all used what they learned to contribute to the same cause.

In the spirit of her innermost thoughts and feelings, she then asked a bold question of the commander: "Why did you join starfleet, sir?"

Satisfied by her answer and beliefs Mason turned slightly to break the eye contact Tosca had created; "To repay a debt," she responded. "I owe my life to Starfleet, they rescued me as a child from the darkest place known to exist. I serve to protect those more venerable and in need."

Tosca nodded slowly, and had to fight the urge to pat the senior officer on the arm in sympathy. After all, Mason looked like she could take care of herself and then some. A pat on the arm may lead to a Tosca being thrown across the room. So she nodded. But she didnt quite know what to say.

"Errr,"she started. "I am about to finish up my work here for the day." Erienne started to gather the artifacts and scattered padds, to leave the room at least somewhat tidier.

Briefly a sombre passed across Mason's face, before being brushed aside by Tosca's voice. "Very well, I'll leave you alone, carry on Lieutenant."


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