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Alone in the sea

Posted on Mon May 28th, 2012 @ 12:39pm by Lieutenant JG Samantha Leyton

Mission: Countdown
Location: Lt. Leyton's Quarters, Starbase 332
Timeline: Present

Darkness encompassed Leyton as she stared at the ceiling. the only dim light were from the distant stars. She found it strange that even aboard a starbase with over 800 people, she felt alone...alone in a sea of people of various species, beliefs, marital statuses, personalities, and age. Letting a out a sigh, she closed her eyes as she tried to get to sleep. "Computer, play the sound of moderate rain."

The computer chirped in acknowledgement as the sound of rain filled her quarters. The sound was a familiar one that often helped her sleep. She always enjoyed a summer thunderstorm while growing up in Virginia on Earth--it was calming and comforting to her.


She watched as the last MACO recruit platoon finished their first EVA assignment--she wasn't impressed. Most looked green, one's face plate was covered in puke and another had to be brought back in because he was stressing out and panicking--which usually meant one more try and if you failed the second try, you were dropped from the MACO Program. Hearing footsteps of military boots approaching, Leyton turned to see a man dressed in a similar MACO uniform as her. He had a good build and was rather handsome--for a Major. She spotted his name tag, which read 'Hayes'. She came to attention. "What can I do for you sir?"

"At ease, sergeant. I'm Major Hayes and I take it you are Sergeant Leyton?"

Leyton nodded. "Yes sir."

"Take a walk with me sergeant," he said as the he began to walk and Leyton fell into step beside him. "How do you feel about the recent attack on Earth?"

Leyton bit her lip. She was angry as hell--as was every human alive at the unprovoked attack on Earth by a species calling themselves the Xindi. "Angry as hell, sir."

Hayes nodded. "Sergeant, I've been tasked with assembling a new unit. This new unit will be stationed aboard the NX-01 USS Enterprise and will aid in hunting down these Xindi. I've selected a few from a long list of candidates and you're one of the ones I have chosen due to your expertise in Zero-G. Are you interested?"

She was taken aback by the offer. A chance to go where no man had gone before, looking for a dangerous alien species they knew little to anything about and living aboard Earth's most advanced and famous starship. "Sign me up and just tell me where to aim sir," she replied with a grin.

"That's what I like to hear. Report to Lunar Base One for training and meeting the rest of your unit tomorrow at 0800 hours."

"I'll be there, sir."


Leyton startled and bolted upright, breathing heavily as her chronometer went off. 'Eight hours already?' she thought as she got out of bed and made her way to the lavatory, still feeling alone as she did when she went to sleep.


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