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An Unexpected Addition

Posted on Fri May 25th, 2012 @ 1:50pm by Corporal David Carpenter (Cypher) & Wren Tyron [PNPC Carpenter]
Edited on on Sat May 26th, 2012 @ 5:33am

Mission: Countdown
Location: CPL David Carpenter's Quarters
Timeline: Current

Cerberus had to be the largest place David had ever seen. The tall corporal pulled his security strap off as the shuttle landed in the Cerberus docking port and stood up. His dark eyes glanced about as he was led to the airlock and given his luggage. It was bare bones. A single small duffel with a few off-duty clothes and some bound books. Buried deep inside was a pendant given to him by Charleston, possibly the only personal affect he did have.

David was quiet as he stepped onto the Cerberus promenade, immediately lost amidst the shuffle of personnel and civilians alike. One called out, "Watch it, Starfleet!" a hazard of wearing his uniform he suspected. The ranger's intelligence greys allowed him to blend in and he decided to find himself a turbolift as soon as possible. David pushed past the throng of people and found himself struggling to get to his location. The corporal did not enjoy crowds and this place was packed.

"Hey, Starfleet! You look lost. Why don't you come inside? I can see about getting you a map!"

David turned around at that, settling his gaze on a stout Ferengi with his head poked out of his establishment's door. He offered the gentleman a very dry sort of blink. As if. "No thank-you, sir," the analyst spoke for the first time. His voice was deep. Neutral, clear and quiet, just like him. After, he abruptly turned and kept on his way.

The Ferengi gaped, clearly insulted. "I'll just see about having you back here again," he muttered to himself. Just like Starfleet, rude and arrogant.

A few more accostments later David finally found himself on his way to the habitat ring. This time he was greeted by a quartermaster, who offered him that map without the attached price and pointed down the hall. "Corporal, your quarters are located in the enlisted section over here." The operations officer pointed on the map. "Facilities are located here. You are to report to the Lieutenant Tybalt as the first computer systems specialist to arrive on station." The ensign's tone was bored and flat, as if he'd done this monotony a thousand times that day.

David's glance flickered to the PADD and he took it. He gave the ensign a quick nod. "Yes, sir."

"Welcome aboard Cerberus-station, ask your personal computer if you have any questions," the ensign told him routinely. David made his way to his quarters. The door slid back to reveal a spartan environment like the one at Pennington. At least he didn't have a roommate.

"Mornin'!" a raspy midwestern accent called out, abruptly shattering David's preconception that he could finally have some time to himself. He dropped his duffel in the spare room and approached his personal computer unit, sitting down for a moment and checking something before retrieving a cup of steaming liquid from the replicator, outright ignoring the overly chipper voice.

Wren Tyron emerged from the back. His shaggy hair and plaid shirt made him the quintessential farmer. He leaned forward and stuck his hand out. "Name's Wren." He nodded hopefully and arched his thick eyebrows.

David hesitated but finally settled on a handshake. He looked like he would rather have eaten paint. "Corporal David Carpenter." The introduction was bland. "You are not Starfleet personnel," he pointed out flatly. It was already making little sense to him to have a civilian roommate.

"Nope. Got out a while back. They ain't had nowhere to put me. Rangers got me here. Probably gonna be temporary anyway. Wife and I are separated," he said, babbling on about his personal woes. "She's livin' on the main habitat ring, outright kicked me out. Anyway, so I guess you're stuck. I run Tyron's, Bar & Grill on the promenade," Wren explained with a smile. "Check it out some time, get ya on the house." He put the poor boy out of his misery and dropped his hand. Clearly his new roomie was not a people person. That was fine. Wren could deal with it.

David spent a few minutes drinking his coffee and straightening the table in front of him, a surefire sign. Finally, he disposed his coffee. He had to make another trip through the station, to meet Tybalt. Something he was already not looking forward to. And this new Wren Tyron was certainly not doing anything for his burgeoning headache. The crowds, the smells, the brightness. It made him wince. Wren was beginning to peter out a little, obviously unused to someone so sharp and awkward.

When David looked up, Wren was still gazing at him expectantly, and David offered a mild noncommittal grunt. He decided to make this simple, and pointed at the unoccupied room in the back. "Sir." He interrupted Wren's continuing ramblings curtly. "That area is mine. I will not impose on you. I ask the same in return." David's eyes were dark and fathomless, as he tilted his head. "I will require the computer console at length." David pointed at the computer console. "It is my job. Otherwise I will not interfere with your activities."

Checking to ensure his duffel was securely in the room he had claimed, David didn't bother to wait for a reply before he swept out of the room gracefully.

It left Wren dumbfounded. "What in high heaven just happened?" the bar owner asked himself in the wake of David's exit, scratching his head as he watched David leave. Uppity thing, that was for sure. Still frowning, Wren walked to the replicator and got himself some breakfast. No use pondering things he didn't understand. Maybe the next time it'd go smoother.




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