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Special Delivery

Posted on Mon May 28th, 2012 @ 12:26am by Lieutenant JG Samantha Leyton & Crewman Ti Anjar

Mission: Countdown
Location: Landing bay
Timeline: Present

Ti stood bolt upright with his arms behind his back, resisting every urge to slouch against the wall with his arms folded. The security officer had been reprimanded once too often for assuming his natural posture. The more Ti thought about it, the more frustrated he became. So instead, he basked in the sights of the landing bay.

Any moment now the IKS Hor'Cha was due to dock, a team of Klingon engineers would bring a cloaking device onto the station. They would be getting their hands on the Brattain, and Ti was getting all paranoid about it in advance.

Leyton walked into the landing bay, and grinned a bit at seeing Crewman Ti tense. "Crewman Ti, Klingons may be the Federation's allies, but let's keep a close eye on them. I'm assigning an engineering team of our own to help oversee the transition of the device once it's in the Brittain's engineering section."

"Understood, sir" came the quiet reply. Who knows what the Klingons' real motivation was? thought Ti. "I'll follow them closely and keep a phaser charged and ready. Sir."

"Good. By the way, you ever thought of becoming an officer?"

"No. I have no interest in promotion. I believe that an enlisted crewman can make just as much of a difference as an officer. I think that the uniform that I wear is more important than the pips on my collar. I am just as much Starfleet as anyone else on the station. And I will protect our assets at any cost."

Ti's answer caused her to smile as she remembered her time as an enlisted in MACO. "Very true, but actually, enlisted are the backbone of Starfleet. The reason I asked was because since arriving on the station, you have done an amicable job in your duties. You may lack in certain protocols but you get the job done and that's what I care about."

The Bajoran unfolded his arms, not sure at what point in the conversation he'd switched to a casual posture. "I'm glad we feel the same way, Lieutenant."

Ti snapped to attention at the sound of the docking klaxon. The bay doors promptly opened and the Klingon vessel eased its way through the forcefield. As it landed, Ti instinctively checked the settings on his phaser.

Leyton waited for the Klingons escorting the cloaking device to step onto the station before moving forward herself. "If you would, I'll escort you to the Brittain's engineering section," she gestured to the Landing Bay exit.

The klingon engineers grunted and followed Leyton, as Ti brought up the rear.


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