Captains Log-Supplemental

Posted on Sun Jan 15th, 2012 @ 7:30pm by Captain William Sedgwick

"The Illustrious and Fearless have now made contact with the station after the collapse of the anomaly, the station's crew are currently returning to their posts, at present we are maintaining Yellow Alert as we investigate the site of the anomaly after which I intend to meet Commander Holden to discuss what happened." Reclining in his chair Will couldn't help but wonder what he'd gotten himself into, his previous assignment patrolling the Cardassian border seeming a far simpler task than the oddities he had already found along the Romulan border.

To top it all off there had been some major organisational changes within the fleet and he now reported to a new Admiral in a different Task Force, one Admiral Alfred Blye, from what he had heard he had been a senior officer operating out of the Bellatrix command post and had now been bumped up to Task force command after managing the Gorn and Tholian threat exceptionally well. For Sedgwick he was now appointed as Chief of Staff, a new title with the same duties but with the emergency over he also had to make time to meet and greet a new groups of Admirals, he just hoped they'd let him be out and about and not stick him behind a desk somewhere.

looking back to the computer screen he could see the computer had saved the information entered so far, pressing a button on the console he continued with the entry, "once I have established a clear time line of the events the Illustrious will set a course for Deep Space 6 where I am to meet Commodore Thrace who will no doubt want a full report on our newest station." Closing off the log and allowing the monitor to silently slide into the desk he turned to look out of the window, 'I wonder, is this a typical day along the neutral zone?" he pondered to himself a his ship glided silently towards the co-ordinates where the anomaly had been.