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Station Log- Stardate 63782.1

Posted on Wed Dec 7th, 2011 @ 7:59pm by Commander Christopher Holden

"Work on the pulse wave torpedoes is nearing completion and both runabouts assigned to deliver them have had their hulls reinforced with Rodinium braces to help them withstand the massive tidal forces being generated by the anomaly. The crew have also prepared for an evacuation, one I hope not to order, but with simulations showing a success rate of 61% at best it is my intention to not be caught out if we do not succeed."

"I have only been master of this station for a short time, the construction completed only weeks ago, but I must say for the record, that the dedication and determination of this crew has made me immensely proud in the time I have worked with them, I know nothing else could have been done and if our fate is to be destroyed then it wasn't for the efforts of this crew."

Ending his log entry Holden saved it to the Brattain's reserve computer core, ensuring his thoughts would be recorded for posterity should the mission fail, now there was only one job to do, wait and see if all their efforts were in vain or not.


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