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Captains Log - Stardate 63781.2

Posted on Wed Nov 30th, 2011 @ 11:00am by Captain William Sedgwick

"The Illustrious' initial assignment in this sector to escort Cerberus Stations new support vessel seemed to be nothing more than a baby sitting task, however all communication has been lost with the station for nearly thirty six hours, initial scans show some sort of subspace event which is preventing direct scans of the station. As a result I have ordered the Fearless to make best possible speed while we go on ahead at maximum warp."

They had just made there way down from the Cardassian border after their initial shakedown cruise only to be thrust into yet another set of circumstances that could hardly be described as normal, Sedgwick having being assigned as Task Group Commanding Officer for a small number of ships in their operating area. The drama that had unfolded on their initial shakedown and the Battle of DS7 had given them a baptism of fire, he just hoped this station wouldn't prove as problematic.


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