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Station Commanders Log- Supplemental

Posted on Sun Oct 9th, 2011 @ 7:16pm by Commander Christopher Holden

"Some sort of spatial rift has opened three AU's from the station causing havoc to a number of subspace based systems including communications, sensors and the warp drive systems of not only the Brattain but all of our support craft. The Brattain has safely docked at the drydock and all crew have returned to the station, for now we are no further forward in establishing what has caused this major event however I am hopeful that Lieutenant Dauntless' science teams and Commander Auster's engineers can come up with a solution."

The thought of writing a simple log entry had all but gone, perhaps there was a lesson here, that he should enjoy the quiet times as he'd miss them when chaos ensued as it so often did. No, for now he had to get his senior officers on the same page but as he looked out of his office window he could see the swirling mass of energy that threatened their very survival.


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