Station Commanders Log- Stardate 63754.3

Posted on Tue Aug 23rd, 2011 @ 2:44pm by Commander Christopher Holden

It had been a long time coming but as Holden sat in his desk chair he wondered what he was supposed to say, perhaps it was the view of the nearby nebula that was distracting him. 'Okay, lets get this done he thought to himself, "Computer, begin station Commanders log, with the stations operating crew now settling in and our support ship a matter of hours away there's an excitement building within the crew, personally I'm looking froward to seeing what awaits us."

Cringing at the thought of someone reading his first entry he shook his head, "computer, delete that log entry." Moments later he was back where he started, perhaps it was best to begin a log formally. "Commence station Commanders Log, Stardate 63754.3, a large contingent of the stations crew has now come aboard and with the Brattain due to arrive before the end of the day standard operations should be in effect very soon."

It wasn't his greatest log entry but it was the first time he's had to write a formal log as a commanding officer, at least it was something to work on, perhaps he needed to read up on some of the greats, Kirk, DeSoto, Janeway. That would have to wait for another day though.