Name Description
Starbase 332 - Cerberus Station The home of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers for the entire sector, Starbase 332 serves as a research and development centre in addition to supporting fleet operations.
USS Brattain - NCC-72210 Assigned to the station to support SCE operations in the sector as well as a test bed for new technologies developed on Cerberus.
USS Fearless - NCC-77106 Assigned to Cerberus Station in response to increased activity in the surrounding sectors the Fearless is tasked with protecting the station and Federation interests in the area.
Dry Dock A conventional dry dock for starship modification and repair, large enough to accommodate almost all vessels currently in the Fleet inventory.
Type 8 Shuttlecraft The standard small shuttle in use with Starfleet
Type 9 Shuttlecraft Designed as a high speed small craft the Type 9 is often used for short to medium journeys.
Type 11 Shuttlecraft The Type 11 shuttlecraft was designed to rapidly move large away teams and their supplies to areas across a significant area without the need for multiple support craft to be used.
Argo Class Runabout Designed to deliver supplies and vehicles the Argo is a general purpose transport craft, designed to carry payloads beyond the capacity of the Type 11 Shuttlecraft.

Runabouts assigned:
USS Thessaly
USS Volos
Danube Class Runabouts For over a decade the Federation's general purpose runabout, spacious and versatile the Danube class is set to continue in service for the foreseeable future.

Runabouts assigned:
USS Biscayne
USS Denali
USS Saguaro
Orion Class Runabout Designed as a small scout craft the Orion class can be operated by a single crew member.

Runabouts assigned:
USS Artemis
USS Lemnos