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The arrival of a delegation from Starfleet Intelligence leads to a number of surprises and a race to avert a war the Federation can ill afford.

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Turning the lights on S1-Pre Mission

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As the Starfleet Corps of Engineers finish work on their latest project, Cerberus Station, just in time for her first crew come aboard.

Guardians of the Underworld S1-E1

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An anomaly appears which could threaten the safety of the new stations crew and everyone they know...


Things Yet to Come S1-E2

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Galactic politics impacts the station as the Romulan Government request aid as the nearby Hobus star prepares to go nova!

Mission Downtime Dec 2386 - Jan 2387

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Time between Episodes 1 and 2 to be used by any and all players to advance inter personal stories and/or research projects. This is a free writing time and as such there is no set storyline.