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Lieutenant Commander Frank Auster

Name Frank Auster

Position Defensive Systems Lead

Second Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Weight 240
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Frank has kind of a stocky build to him, one of a man who's never worked out but has done lots of physical labor over his lifetime. He grows a mustache to make up for the lack of hair.


Father Tom
Mother Jane
Brother(s) Fred (42)
Sister(s) Anne (34)
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Frank describes himself as a simple man doing an intricate job. He is generally the first one on a site, and last one off. He's dedicated to getting the job done and making sure it is right so that he doesn't have to do it a second time.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:Attention to detail, work ethic, knows how to have fun when there is downtime.

Weakness: Likes to drink occasionally, not good with personal relation, pays too much attention detail occasionally to the detriment of efficiency.
Ambitions Push the bounds of technology in the protection of the Federation
Hobbies & Interests Model Building, Target shooting, reading technical diagrams

Personal History Frank was always fond of building things. At an early age, he was found of small construction sets. Building towers, castles, space ships, and space stations. Him and his brother would build expansive models in which they would stage reenactments with massive armies. He always liked the thought of building something that no one could get into.

This drive led him to enter Starfleet and the Corps of Engineers as a defensive structure technician with the focus on building, and maintaining defensive structures around the Federation.

Frank excelled at designing and building new ways to armor phaser batteries, and sensor outposts along the neutral zones. (TBC)

is talents sent him directly into harms way during the Federation and Klingon war, as well as the Dominion war. His combat engineer battalion was one of the first on the scene after the Battle of Chin'toka to analyze and reverse engineer the orbital defense platforms deployed there.

Service Record 2386 - ? - SB322 Lead Engineer and Designer

2384 - 2386 - USS Donald Anderson NCC-63991 - Field Research and Deployment of Point Defense platforms along the Romulan Neutral Zone

2380- 2384 - Jupiter Research Station - Armor, defensive shield research, defense platform design, station hull design and Starship Point Defense Projects.

2376 - 2380 - Combat Engineer - 304th Construction Battalion - Supervisor
(Stationed in and around Cardassia to assist in rebuilding the planet)

2372-2376 - Combat Engineer - Fighting 99th - Federation/Klingon War - Dominion War
(Responsible for the deployment/disarming/modifying/redeploying automated defensive batteries along the federation border and targets of strategic importance. Responsible for )

2369-2372 - Defensive systems engineer - USS John W. Peabody NCC-64413
(Responsible for deployment and maintenance of defensive space stations with a focus on automated weapons platforms along the Romulan neutral zone. 25 - 30

2365 - 2369 - 25-21 - Engineer 3rd Class - USS John W. Peabody NCC-64413 Basic maintenance for automated and manned weapon systems

2360-2365 - Starfleet Corps of Engineers Academy - Construction and Defensive Installations.