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Lieutenant Léon Richard

Name Léon Richard

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6'9''
Weight 70kg
Hair Color Chestnut Brown
Eye Color Green-Blue
Physical Description Léon is tall and broad and usually maintains a trimmed beard. His mannerisms are reserved and militaristic, often walking with arms straightened by his side or clasped behind his back; affectations he adopted from his grandfather, a retired Commander. He adheres to a regular physical routine while following a Vulcan/Vegan diet. He has a rather softly spoken voice but a very deep laugh.


Father Laurent Richard
Mother Anne Richard
Other Family René Richard - Grandfather, deceased.
Marie Richard, Grandmother, deceased.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Léon is at heart a Scientist and investigator, he likes to take things apart and know how they work. He is compelled to problem-solve and know the answers, with a remarkable memory for facts. His father was an artist and mother a Philosopher, which compelled him to open his mind and explore. However, he is influenced by a strong military presence by his maternal Grandfather who imparted an anti-Federation philosophy during Léon's formative years. Though he retains the desire to explore and answer, he does so with skepticism and often humorous cynicism.

He does not desire a long, awarded Star Fleet career, but instead to find unanswered questions and explore the unknown. He lives to discover and has a secret desire to have something (not really definite on what) named after him. His career to-date is more a by-product of his nature and not from ambitious goals. He has been known to travel and never settle, which keeps him at arms length with many people. He comes across as disinterested in social activity, but usually keeps one or two very close friends.

He often publishes long dissertations on his research and discoveries. If he isn't following his fitness schedule or working, he will be typically found editing and writing his current thesis. He hopes to put together enough theoretical work to publish a complete book, and his need to up-root and change location is in order to thread together his many different scientific explorations. He was recognized with retrograding Romulan technology to improve Life Support systems in long-haul vessels, but he yearns to be remembered for something more substantial.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength: Physically very fit and tall. Intelligent and inquisitive.

Weakness: Often comes across as aloof and dismissive, cynical and skeptical. Has trouble warming to people (or people warming to him.)
Ambitions To explore new areas of space, in pursuit of the unexplained and its answers.
To discover something unique, to which he can put his name.
To publish a book on his different scientific explorations.
Hobbies & Interests Physical fitness and Vulcan diet.
Writing and publishing scientific dissertations.
Chess and other logic-based games.
Science novels and literature.

Personal History Born in Paris, 2355 to Laurent and Anne Richard, Léon enjoyed a childhood of travel and relaxed living. His father was an artiste and would often exhibit his celebrated works around Earth and other planets. His mother was a Cultural Philosopher and would lecture at Star Fleet Academy, Vulcan, and other training facilities. When Léon was too young to travel or couldn't miss school, he was looked after by his Papa, Réne Laurant, a retired Federation Commander, who left active service after battle claimed his wife years earlier. He was vigorously anti-Federation and believed humans should expel alien species from Earth and stop involving itself in wars over "meaningless bits of space."

Growing up, Léon had a liberal and independent upbringing. As the only child of loving but preoccupied parents, he was usually left to his own devices in extravagant Paris or planets they visited. He was predominantly surrounded by adults and would sit for hours in a boulangerie (he had one for a different day of the week), listening and learning about "real" life. He mined the knowledge and gossip from outlandish bourgeoisie characters or alien species and turned this into into a regular column at his High School newspaper. It was his only real social activity with his school peers, and he gained editorship of the paper in his final two years. He was never pushed towards, or interested in, joining the Academy; the voice of his grandfather sounded deep within Léon and when he finished High School in 2373, left Earth with a few friends to travel the quadrant.

After a few years directionless amongst the stars, Léon joined a mixed civilian and Federation team on Noseon III, a small Federation colony in 2377. There, he studied a chemical effect a metallic alloy was having on the colony's water and crop yield. The team worked to forensically break down the compounds of the alloy and introduce an antithesis chemical that saved the Noseon III from being abandoned. After publishing the results, the team were invited to present their work at the Academy. It was here that Léon realized the wealth of knowledge and exploration he could achieve in Star Fleet. He spent the rest of the year studying and preparing for the Entrance Exam and was accepted into the Academy in 2378.

Science was now his passion and Léon focused on Astronomy, Chemistry, Life Sciences, and Technology. He wanted to know how it all worked and why. He wrote several papers during his schooling and joined the Academy gazette as well, though the later was only a hobby. His roommate and close friend was a Vulcan medical cadet who taught Léon a regimental physical routine and diet. He loved having a stable routine for once. During semester breaks, Léon would often volunteer on exploration trips to further his skills and knowledge. He would occasionally visit Paris to see his Papa, but relations were strained due to René's continued hostility towards the Federation. He loved his grandson though and would try his best to encourage him. He died during Léon's third year in the Academy and the loss was significant. But there was a part of Léon that wanted to prove his grandfather was wrong about Star Fleet.

After graduating in 2382, then-Ensign Richard was posted to Deep Space 7, an Intelligence base on the Romulan Neutral Zone. There he would study abandoned or damaged Romulan technology from previous battles in an attempt to utilize it for Star Fleet uses. His exploration of their short-coil coolant system lead to an improvement in Life Support efficiency on long-haul vessels. In 2384, he was awarded a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade and appointed Assistant Chief Science Officer on the USS Magnanimous. This was only the first of many postings between '84 and '87 implementing and experimenting with the new system, as well as exploring new locations and problems. He was always seeking a new discovery to investigate.

In 2387, Lt. jg. Richard sought a new experience on Star Base Cerberus and was posted to the station as Chief Science Officer.
Service Record 2378 - Star Fleet Academy

2382 - Graduation, (Ensign)

2382 - Deep Space 7, Science Officer

2384 - USS Magnanimous, Ass. Chief Science Officer (Lt. jg.)

2385 - USS Belvoir, Ass. Chief Science Officer (Lt. jg.)

2385 - USS Gallagher, Ass. Chief Science Officer (Lt. jg.)

2386 - USS Denmark, Ass. Chief Science Officer (Lt. jg.)

2387 - USS Aspyr, Ass. Chief Science Officer (Lt. jg.)

2387 - SB Cerberus, Chief Science Officer