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Gunnery Sergeant Gabriel MacIson

Name Gabriel Orion MacIson (Gunny)

Position Starfleet Ranger

Rank Gunnery Sergeant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 7”
Weight 150 lbs.
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Greenish blue
Physical Description Gabriel is a very chiseled and muscular individual. He's got a chiseled chin and strong broad shoulders. His hair is very
trim, and high and tight. He looks just like a poster boy for Starfleet.


Father Timothy Michael MacIson- Marine CO onboard the USS Trident
Mother Hollie Norris-MacIson- Chief Security Officer on the USS Trident
Brother(s) James Neilson MacIson- Marine Staff Sergeant on the USS Hawk
Sister(s) Destiny Hope MacIson- Security Officer on the USS Nightmare
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Gabriel is a very strong willed and independent individual. He's tough and he's a tad rash, even though he's a damn
good shot he's just a bit anxious. Gabriel takes things a little too seriously sometimes. He's learned that when you are out in the field, there are no jokes, there is sense of humor, there is only the mission and what lies ahead. He tends to relax a little more after a mission and when its downtime, but not by much. He's still a rather serious man who doesn't
like to joke around alot.
Strengths & Weaknesses Very serious, tends to be a little over anxious.
Damn good shot, considered to be among the top shooters in the Federation.
Tends to be a little prideful when it comes to his abilities.
Ambitions To finish the mission set before him. He doesn't have any other ambitions, except the minor ambition to run his own
Hobbies & Interests Shooting, assault style holo activities, war games.

Personal History Gabriel was born in 2349 on the USS Pegasus on the fourth of March. His family was onboard the Pegasus until he
was 5 years old and then they were transferred to the USS Kyoto. His father served on the Kyoto for 7 years. When
Gabriel was 12 he was sent to live with his aunt and uncle on a Texas Ranch on Earth. He lived there and went to
school until he was 18. During the summer between his junior and senior high school years he enlisted in the Marine
Corps and went to basic training. After graduation from high school in June of 2367 he was shipped to his MOS school, Infantry. He spent 3 years as an Infantryman before he was shipped to Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii for scout recon sniper school. He graduated 10 weeks later and was promoted to Corporal. He was then attached to the 1st Division, Alpha company, Charlie team. He served with them on the USS Eclipse, a Nebula Carrier Modulated ship for 5 years before he was transferred to Outpost 357 on Alteria Bravo. He served as a scout for 3 years before being transferred to the USS Egypt. He was awarded the Silver star in 2379 for defending his post from a borg attack along with 3 other Marines. During the Attack he was wounded, twice, and received two purple hearts as well. He was then transferred and served time with the Force recon marines for a year training for the Ranger program. He was then transferred to the USS Intrepid where he served as a Scout/Sniper trainer. He trained other Marines in the basics of Sniping and Scouting for 3 years before he applied for the Ranger program. Spent a year with the 23rd Rangers before being transferred to
the USS Hornet. He spent another year on the Hornet before being TAD to Cerberus Station.
Service Record 2367- Entered MOS Training- Private

2367- USS Gallant- Infantry- Private

2368- USS Gallant- Infantry- Promotion to Private First Class

2369- USS Gallant- Infantry- Promotion to Lance Corporal

2369- Kaneohe Bay- Scout sniper program- promoted to Corporal

2369- Transferred to the USS Eclipse- Corporal- Scout/Sniper

2374- Transferred to Outpost 357, Alteria Bravo- Promoted to Sergeant

2377- Transferred to USS Egypt- Sergeant

2379- Borg attack upon the Egypt- Sgt. MacIson defended his position with Lcpl Stryder, Cpl Havens, and PFC
Williams. Sgt MacIson was wounded twice, once in the left shoulder and the other in his right leg. His leg was able to be repaired with no damage, however his left shoulder sustained minor damage and tends to cause him pain once in a while, however this pain does not inhibit his ability to perform his duties. Sgt MacIson was also awarded the Silver Star for the bravery under fire and the defense of the Egypt. Promotion to Staff Sergeant.

2380- Transferred to the USS Hope to a Force Recon detachment.

2381- Transferred to the USS Intrepid- Trainer for Scout/Sniper courses.

2384- Transferred to the Ranger Program- upon completion, promoted to the rank of Gunnery Sergeant.- Transferred to the 23rd Ranger Unit.