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Staff Sergeant Eric Mixon (Cable)

Name Eric Mixon (Cable) [PNPC Wayne]

Position Intelligence Officer

Rank Staff Sergeant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 2"
Weight 225 Pounds
Hair Color 'Steel' Grey
Eye Color Red
Physical Description Has a Cybernetic Left arm.


Father Robert Mixon
Mother Irene Mixon
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Eric is a man on a mission. A mission to overcome everything that has happen to him and explore the galaxy. Eric has dealt with alot of hardship growing up and that has made him a very rough kind of man to get to know. He is very guarded and independent. In the last few years he has started to show that there is a heart inside the hard shell. While Off-Duty he can be found in a drinking establishment, or in a holo-suite running a exercise to keep his blood pumping. Eric has an astute respect for the chain of command and for fellow comrades. He holds a code of honor very close to the vest and puts it front of anything else.

Eric's call sign is 'Cable', which he hates, because it refers to a character on a poorly produced (and campy) holo-program that was semi-popular for a while.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: A determination to see a job done the right way the first time. Maintains good composure in the face of danger.

Weaknesses: The inability to let people close, and a lack of diplomatic tact.
Ambitions He wants to be the best Ranger and earn his keep.
Hobbies & Interests • Klingon history
• Combat protocols
• Exploring new terrain
• Hard Liquor (Kirby, another Ranger is his drinking buddy)
• Cybernetics
• Loves Cigars
• Tends to do a lot of thinking
• A vast knowledge of Battle lore (Both human and Klingon)

Personal History Eric Mixon was born on May 21, 2355 in Qo'nos to Robert and Irene Mixon. Irene Mixon was the aide to the Federation Ambassador to Qo'nos at the time. Eric was born quite healthy except he was missing his left arm from the collar bone down. When things where settle the family moved back to earth (Outside New York) Robert who had a extensive engineering background went to work to find away to give his boy an arm.

At the age of 18 and after many tries at prosthetics (Eric's body kept rejecting them), his father, with the help of a friend, who was a doctor, figured out a design that worked and held. Only issue was this took up most of their savings and they had fallen on hard times. Even though his body rejected any form of fake or real skin growth on his cybernetic arm Eric was determined to join Starfleet and help fight the Dominion. He enjoyed life in Starfleet and had graduated the Academy, Specializing in Security/Tactical. He served Starfleet in Security and was accepted in to Special Operations division for more training. By this time the war was over, but, Eric was determined to still serve and fight for the beliefs of the Federation.

After finishing all his training and graduating at the top of his classes he was approached by a couple different people to join Section 31 which at the time was considered a myth, he wasn't they sure existed, but what he had heard, he didn't like. So he turned them down and shipped of to the Xavier Fleet Yards to work in security. After being assigned Chief of Strategic Operations on the USS Excelsior, Eric to give up his commission, due to being disgruntled with the lack of action and pay.

He took his knowledge and training, becoming a sometimes private investigator and body guard. It was during this time that he was approached by recruiters from the Rangers. He took a job with them as a private contractor and was sent to Cheyenne Mountain. After training, he was sent to Team Charlie of the 23rd Rangers (Striker).

After the deactivation of Striker, he decided to formally join the Rangers. The pay was still not the best, but, at least he would find plenty of action. He was assign to the newly reactivated 13th Rangers (Reaper)

His call sign is "Cable" (in reference to a 21st Century comic book character...made into a terrible holo-program).
Service Record 2380 to 2381...Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth. Specialized in Security/Tactical and trained with the Special Operations Division.

2381-2383......Was asked to join Section 31 but turned them down, to start as a Security officer at Xavier Fleet Yards.

2384...........Spent 3 months as Chief of Strategic Operations USS Excelsior.

2384-2386......Decided to leave Starfleet. Became employed as a private contractor, doing jobs (security and other wise) in and around the Federation.

2386...........Hired as a private contractor by Star Fleet Intelligence. Sent for further training at Cheyenne Mountain. Joined to the 23rd Rangers, as a heavy weapons specialist (Merc).

Present.......Formally Joined the Rangers (at the rank of Staff Sargent). Assigned to the 13th Rangers, as a heavy weapons specialist .