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Lieutenant Commander Kristina Mason

Name Kristina Mason

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Weight 130
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Her hair is always short, sometimes untidy but never bothers her, and her spine straight making her appear to be uptight and guarded at all times. Her eyes, however always tell the truth behind her feelings shinning like clear windows into her soul and mind.


Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kristina is a strictly business sort of woman, she does not tolerate disruptions nor juvenile behaviour.

For those fortunate few that have been able to sneak in under her high defensive barriers she is far more relaxed around them and has been known to even smile or laugh proving that she can be human after all.
Though for most parts she is tense like a coil, her attitude can be very hostile toward others which has on occasion landed her in trouble
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: She is patient woman, remaining calm most of the times and his very decisive in her choices and actions.

Weaknesses: She however is always on standby just waiting for something to happen keeping things just rippling under the surface ready to uncoil at a moment's notice. Her anger is very fierce when aggravated.
The weakest link in her amour is the touch topics of her history, her life before joining Starfleet which she keeps locked away
Ambitions To better all her expectations and those set upon her.
Hobbies & Interests Kick boxing and other exercise

Personal History Kristina grew up Turkana IV living the life of an orphan child in the height of the trouble and dangers. She never experienced a joyous childhood spending her hours living on the streets hunting desperately day and night for a scrap to eat or a safe place to shelter.

If her energy wasn’t being used to scrounge for food or huddle for heat she was constantly running or hiding from the gangs that patrol the colony outside any remaining law. On several occasions she had narrow escapes from their grasps but twice she was unable to free herself from their many, filthy and monstrous hands.
After those dark and terrifying times Kristina learned to lock them away deep within those barriers she had erected. To date no one had been able to full extract her true thoughts and feelings about her childhood, only being allowed to access what she willed them to.

By the time she was fifteen the troubles had ceased the colony was liberated and the population were leaving in their droves. Quickly with nothing to lose or gain Kristina left too not daring to look back.

Once freed she noticed she had developed a strong drive and desire for knowledge. She learned to channel her insecurity into learning then eventually into her career which in return became all about protecting others above herself and ensuring justice was met.

Through her training and early posts she excelled the bench marks laid against her rising through the ranks steadily displaying a great and deep understanding of the roles but upon her and cool headiness needed to become a good officer.

Her early posts included the Phoenix, the Columbus and the Serpent before being moved onto the Genesis as assistant security and tactical.
She had endured the tragedy that befell the Genesis somehow detaching herself from the death and destruction around her. A large percentage of the senior staff were killed including the Captain, first officer and the security chief. Starfleet did have the man power to replace all the senior staff DeVuor had told her.

Therefore until further notice Kristina is forced to head the department she had been assisting facing new challenges and obstetrics' on each step. As a contribute to DeVuor new forced position Mason approached her with a supporting shoulder in a moment of unusual character change after the shock had set in upon the women. In return DeVuor offered young Mason the position and opportunity to propel herself as Second Officer.

Over the years that followed friendship grew between fellow officers including oddly after some violence between herself and one Zeek Aerleon. Strangely out of the new allies she made all it was Zeek whom she had connected the most with, they share a past equally as chequered and dark. In a strange twist of loneliness and unfelt desire Krissy made the bold move to start a relationship with Zeek, something she has never done in her life before now.

Their positions however never allowed much time to be spent in their company, but it was clear a bond was growing. When the Command came for Zeek to leave Roark station to lead his own ship Krissy made the tough choice of leaving her friends or loosing her love.

For the first time ever she followed her heart.

Sadly tragedy struck the USS Arizona upon her maiden voyage, a malfunction in the prototype propulsion system caused a devastated cascade resulting the loss of the entire ship and in cloud of confusion its young and ambitious Commanding Officer, Aerleon.

His death left Krissy lost on a ocean of confusion and without a life jacket to save her as she attempted to piece together her shattered confidence and broken heart.

The understanding chain of command of Roark who'd been able to respond the accident eased her through the grieving process and offered the stability she needed to recover and continue until the time was right to move on with Zeek's comforting voice guiding her footsteps.
Service Record Starfleet Cadet
Security Officer - USS Phoenix.
Tactical Officer - USS Columbus. Promoted to Lieutenant JG
Assistance Security/Tactical - USS Serpent
Chief Security/Tactical - USS Genesis. Offered Second officer's position and promoted to Lieutenant Commander
Chief Security/Tactical - Roark Space Station (Deep Space 12)
Demoted to Lieutenant
Chief Security/Tactical - USS Arizona
Reinstated to Lieutenant Commander
Chief Security/Tactical - Roark Space Station (Deep Space 12)