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Captain William Sedgwick

Name William Sedgwick

Position Task Force 86 - Executive Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 159lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description


Spouse Elaine Sedgwick
Children Verity Sedwick
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths-

Sciences, highly commended by many commanding officers for his thoroughness and expert knowledge of many subject matters even when a young officer.

Very experienced in a number of situations whether it be diplomacy, space combat or crew morale issues, having served with a number of excellent officers he has honed is skills whenever possible.


Can become downbeat as his wife and daughter moved back to Earth for a stable, safe environment when on long deep space assignments.
Hobbies & Interests Sedgwick is very proud of his hover-bike and takes every opportunity to use it whenever planet side for more than a few hours. His other great passion is rugby as he originally hails from England, he is keen on both League and International matches and can often be found reading match reports or catching up on match recordings. He also enjoys playing his acoustic guitar while trying to unwind and many an officer has found him strumming away in his office or ready room.

Personal History Born in Warrington, England on February 3rd 2347 to a middle class family with a strong sense of duty, with members of the Sedgwick family having served in a branch of Starfleet or a local military on Earth for centuries. William initially wanted to be a scientist as his younger brother David was intending on joining Starfleet to continue the family tradition but after a school trip to Vulcan he found the thrill of seeing an alien culture far to enticing to pass up.

As he ended the second year at the Academy William had major doubts about his choice of career but after talking things over with his brother then father he was inspired by to push on to at least graduate, a choice he was to never regret. After graduating third in his class with a rank of Lieutenant he was assigned to the starship Trinculo as a Strategic Operations officer, the vessel being one of many new Galaxy class vessels equipped with fighters in an effort to counter the Maquis threat, a threat that would soon dissipate with the arrival of the Dominion.

The Dominion War marked a dark time, as it did for so many, where his scientific mind was turned to combat tactics and ways to help his comrades survive the battles into which they were thrust. The Trinculo was to be the flagship of a small Task Force, only six vessels, designed to harass enemy convoys in an effort to disrupt supply lines which resulted in William gaining much experience dealing with starship logistics and group tactics, something recognised by several CO's who credited him with being knowledgeable about the supply status of not only his own ship but of the others in the force giving their overworked crews one less task while ensuring they were adequately supported.

By the conclusion of the war Starfleet had lost a large number of vessels, many others required extensive refits and yet more were decommissioned due to irreparable damage; for William this meant a delay in his promotion to Lieutenant Commander as his next assignment, the Excelsior class USS Okinawa, underwent a seven month refit. Once the Okinawa returned to active duty he had become a husband with his new wife joining him aboard the vessel while he took over as Operations officer.

Williams career was to progress quickly from this point as he and his new wife were to become good friends with a number of the officers and their families and it was a difficult moment for him and Elaine to leave behind such a close group of people when he was promoted to Commander and assigned as Executive Officer of the Iroquois. As the ship was operating on the far side of the Federation space it would take him over three months to get to his new assignment, a journey Elaine decided not to make initially while taking a break with family on Earth.

After meeting up for shore leave on Risa Elaine broke the news that he was to be a father, after which she agreed to stay with him aboard the Iroquois a decision that they would later agree was perhaps not the best idea as the Iroquois was sent to stop Breen Privateers in the Kalandra Sector, an experience the heavily pregnant Elaine found terrifying. Once their new daughter was born William agreed to move back to Earth with her to be with the new family but as he tendered his resignation from the fleet he was advised that he was to be promoted to the rank of Captain, Elaine knew that it had been a dream of his and after withdrawing his resignation was allowed to defer command of a deep space explorer in favour of a small patrol vessel, the Defiant class USS Repulse.

With Elaine and his young daughter now settled on Earth the call from Starfleet Command for him to command an explorer has once again been handed down and this time he intends to accept.
Service Record Enrolled at Starfleet Academy- 2365

Graduated Starfleet Academy with an honours in Starship Command with minors in Stellar Cartography, Quantum Mechanics and Starship Operations- 2369

Commissioned with the rank of Lieutenant (Junior Grade) and assigned to the starship Trinculo- 2369-77

Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant- 2373

Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and transferred to starship Okinawa, also given duties of Second Officer- 2377-2382

Promoted to Commander and transferred to starship Iroquois serving as Executive Officer- 2382-2385

Promoted to Captain but after birth of first child command of deep space explorer deferred in favour of patrol vessel, USS Repulse, in Sol sector 2385-2386

Transferred to USS Illustrious and assigned to Tholian Sector-2386-present