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Crewman Ti Anjar

Name Ti Anjar

Position Security Officer

Rank Crewman

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 184cm
Weight 90kg
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Ti is in good shape for a Bajoran, his dedicated fitness regime winning over the substances he frequently abused during his earlier years. As an enlisted security officer his athletic prowess was one of the deciding factors in Starfleet accepting his recruitment.
Ti walks with a tense posture, almost catlike, for most of the time he is inherently suspicious of his surroundings. His eyes are older than his years as can be seen in the smouldering glare that he usually giving someone or something. Ti has a wide jaw and wider shoulders.
Unlike other Bajorans Ti does not wear an earring, and hasn't done so for ten years.


Spouse None mentioned
Children None known
Father Ti Seedo
Mother Ti Amora
Brother(s) Ti Jarada
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview In his 28 years Ti Anjar has lived through a childhood on a home planet occupied by Cardassians, a directionless upbringing as a teenager, a disastrous two years at Starfleet Academy, and a deplorable decade of crime and punishment. The result of this life has given Ti a highly fractured personality which on the surface gives him no redeemable qualities. He is known mostly for his brusque and direct approach to people, and the temper that is often visibly bubbling under the surface. But the truth is that prefers to be with people than without them.

In the few instances where Ti is relaxed enough his natural sense of humour shines through. He respects the friends that he makes although shys away from making true bonds with anyone.
Strengths & Weaknesses Ti has a new sense of discipline, and although this falters at time, it also gives him a sense of satisfication when he has done a good job. When he is at his most concentrated this quality seems to pass onto others, and for a while his leadership skills become apparent.

On the other hand, Ti is also vulnerable to emotional outbursts. It doesn't matter which emotion, if he doesn't act to contain himself his self-control will eventually fall away and then there's no stopping him. Luckily he is able to feel his emotional shifts approaching and is capable of pushing his feelings aside until there is a more appropriate time to release them.
Ambitions Ti's current ambition is to succeed as an officer purely on his own merits. His whole life he has been pushed in directions that were not of his own choosing, and the results were devastating. Now that Ti has been given a second chance he isn't going to waste it.
Hobbies & Interests From a young age Ti has gambled. First with the rations deemed acceptable for his family by the Cardassians, then with latinum and precious jewels, the stakes getting higher with every year. Mastering a new game is a joy that Ti doesn't have the words to describe. Dealing with the consequences of failure is another matter, but as gambling between Starfleet personnel is casual and recreational Ti doesn't need to worry. But is it really as fun without the danger behind it?

Ti has also spent a lot of time with women although he's never quite sure how it happens. He's not exactly a smooth talker.

Personal History Anjar was born to the Ti family during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor. He and his younger brother Jarada were left to take care of themselves most of the time, and it wasn't until the planet was free that Ti discovered that his parents were resistance fighters. After the war they brought Anjar and his brother to Deep Space 9 to live as a family. His parents insisted on imposing a traditional way of life upon the 11-year old Anjar, as they were determined to prove that the Bajoran lifestyle had survived what the Cardassians had done to them.

Like many teens Anjar loved to rebel against his parents, but unlike most Bajorans his age he was surrounded by aliens: the Starfleet officers in their sleek uniforms, the visitors and traders from all over the quadrant, the Ferengi bartender that would wink at him whenever he'd peek a look at the Dabo girls. Of course there was a strong Bajoran community on the station but there was so much else to see and to do that what the other Bajorans were doing just didn't seem important enough. Of course there were also a lot of his people with staff positions, but much more interesting to Anjar was the dangerous underbelly of the community.

Almost overnight Anjar had grown up. Ti Anjar was a difficult young man; difficult to teach and difficult enough just to keep in one place long enough. He established a private gamblers den between himself and the gang of teenagers he hung out with, many of them Ferengi, and they preyed on the sons and daughters of the visitors that came to the station, enticing them with the promises of riches a mere Tongo game away. Instead they would leave the den penniless and with threats hanging over their heads. "Don't tell anyone, or you'll lose more than your latinum"

It was unfortunate for Ti and his friends when the impressionable Bolian kid transformed before their very eyes into the station's chief of security.

His parents were furious with him. They blamed themselves for not disciplining Ti as much as he needed. He was not yet 16 when his parents called in a few favours to have him enrolled in Starfleet Academy. They were determined to steer him straight and were sure that a career in Starfleet was right for their oldest son.

For the first six months things seemed to working out at last for Ti. He still thought the uniforms looked pretty cool and the cadet version fit him better every day now that he was pursuing an interest in athletics. It wasn't long after he joined the Academy that the Dominion War broke out and that also gave the cadets a sense of solidarity that Ti couldn't help being swept up in. Although his street smarts didn't translate too well into academic prowess, he was bright enough to pass all of the early courses.

However, as time passed the temptation to find shortcuts through his studies became too strong to ignore. As he matured he became less interested in finishing his coursework and more interested in girls, alcohol, and gambling. It is possible that Ti is responsible for the introduction of Tongo as a popular card game throughout the campuses of Starfleet Academy. He wasn't the only student interested in raising the stakes and it wasn't long before the student houses started to turn into gangs with false senses of territory and power. Ti discovered that his athletic superiority gave him advantages other than just winning ball games.

The Federation officials of the Academy blamed the unruly nature of the cadets on the ongoing war. The horrors of the Dominion war were becoming all too apparent and the future was starting to look bleak to even the most eager students. Through a series of curfews and disciplinary actions the anarchy was quelled before too many cadets were hurt, but Ti felt like something had been taken away from him. The thrill of danger was different now that he wasn't a scrawny child sneaking into a gambling den. It had a darker edge to it, and the violence had threatened to become as addictive as the neurozine drugs that his gang were stealing and then recreationally abusing.

Ti Anjar was expelled from Starfleet Academy in only his second year. While the cadets were celebrating the end of the Dominion War like only students know how to, Ti was celebrating his 18th birthday under the watchful eye of a security officer while being escorted back to Deep Space 9.

The Ti family weren't there any more. They had been evacuated back to Bajor and had decided to stay in the countryside after the war. Officially they had decided to retire early. But Ti Anjar always believed that they were too ashamed to be around Starfleet officers after what their oldest son had done to get himself thrown out of the academy. The old Ti living quarters were waiting for him, but it was so quiet without the constant nagging of his parents that he barely spent any time at home.

It only took a few hungover mornings waking up in a holding cell before Ti lost his appetite for living on the station. Eventually he ripped the earring from his head and threw it against the wall of the cell. Ti left it and Deep Space 9 behind the moment that the forcefield was dropped by the familiar brig officer.

For the next several years Ti drifted between backwater trading posts and stations, before somewhat settling on a string of planets at the edge of Federation space, rife with criminal activity. The area was known as the Network and the Orion Syndicate was attempting to gain absolute control of the gambling and smuggling scene, but never quite had the manpower to achieve domination over the other criminal organisations. Ti didn't join the Syndicate, but he performed several deplorable acts in their name. At first this was in exchange for a steady supply of neurozine, but during his third and last incarceration he was kept in confinement for so long that the habit was broken, and so was Ti.

At the age of 26, Ti Anjar had laid his 4260th slab of concrete onto the trailer when suddenly his imprisonment at the Federation penal settlement was over. He had been transferred there after the corrupt authorities of the Network handed him over to a passing Starfleet vessel. The sudden freedom shocked Ti into a new state of awareness. He didn't want to live like this any more. If he didn't find a direction soon it would be all over for him.

The Starfleet uniforms still looked fantastic, Ti thought to himself as he wandered the streets of some city somewhere on Earth. It didn't matter where he was right then, because suddenly he knew where he was going.

Ti gave honest answers to the shocked interviewers at the Starfleet Enlistment Centre. He didn't go into complete detail on everything he had done, but only because he wasn't asked to do so. One of the four interviewers was ready to throw him out onto the street, but the others overruled the decision. They listed to Ti the positive traits that they had seen in him. Quick wits. An attention to detail. Physical prowess. A lust for redemption. And also, a decade ago, the beginnings of a Starfleet education.

And so Ti had his second chance. For two years he studied and filled in the gaps that his lifestyle had left behind. He specialised in security and found himself to be a natural. He was always playing the mouse running from the cat. And now he had his second chance, the chance to turn things around.
Service Record 2358 - Born on Bajor during the Cardassian Occupation
2369 - Family moves to Deep Space 9 after the occupation ends
2373 - Joins Starfleet Academy
2375 - Expelled from Starfleet Academy
2378 - First incarceration at the Network
2380 - Second incarceration at the Network
2383-2384 - Third incarceration, including transfer to Earth
2384 - Incarceration ends, begins studying at the Starfleet adult education institute
2386 - Finishes course at Starfleet Security, passing with honours. Enlisted as a Crewman.