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Lieutenant JG Erienne Tosca

Name Erienne Tosca

Position Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 1.71m
Weight 67kg
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color grey-green
Physical Description Doctor Erienne Tosca is a woman of medium height, about 1m71, with dark brown hair and grey green eyes. She wears her shoulder-length hair usually in a short ponytail or just pinned up. As a girl she was slim and petite, but over the years she has developed into a strong and firm woman. Her hands are smallish, with pink nails. She has a straight nose, maybe slightly big for her face. Her lips are small and plump, a colour slightly too pale for her complexion. Her eye lashes are short and thick, framing her eyes in her oval face.


Spouse None
Children none
Father Adam Tosca - stay at home father
Mother Ieva Tosca - medical doctor, private practice
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Josephine Tosca, 29 - Teacher at primary school level
Other Family plenty, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, the works.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Erienne is mostly unassuming. She'd like the impression she leaves to be one of fond remembering without any rumours attached to her. This attitude is helpful when she is trying to find out delicate information about unknown species, and helps her be as diplomatic and non-threatening as possible.
Strengths & Weaknesses She has a keen mind and even though she likes to know the details of other people's lives, she is far more interested in science. She loves people who are passionate about their craft, be it a farmer, jeweller or healer. She tries to not get mixed up in politics and dislikes dissent or upheaval, or at least to be involved in it herself. She has never been in a position where she had to choose sides and hopes she never has to.

She can be charming when you get to know her and she lets her guard down. Some people see a side of her she hides in public. As grey and uninteresting as she may seem at first, her colourful personality, with all its passion and intensity is for a selected few only. If Erienne could spread her wings and dare to be herself she might be a happier person.
Ambitions A home, a husband and a horse... none of that appeals to Erienne. She'd like to continue to discover and explore, to learn about where people have been and where they are going. She'd probably prefer to stay in the background, but if she ever finds something that drives her hard enough, she may yet write a spectacular paper with which to make a name in the scientific community.
Hobbies & Interests She likes to tinker, making small mechanical objects. She also likes origami, the art of paper folding, and equivalent forms of this from various alien cultures. Her other interests are reading and drawing.

Personal History Erienne was born in 2354 on Mars, from two normal human parents. She attended normal schools up until she was 17, at which age she decided she wanted to go off-planet and see more of the universe. She took a trip to Earth, where she encountered many different cultures and species. Two years later she decided to enroll in Starfleet academy. Her subjects were History and Anthroplogy, which she initially studied to become a teacher back on Mars. However, her high grades and interests soon made her realise that teaching would never satisfy her for long. She looked for a job that would take her out into the galaxy, to study alien cultures and history.

At age 25 she received her first commission from Starfleet as a science officer specialised in Alien Archeology and Anthropology. Her side interest in basic mechanics and engineering made her a welcome addition to many projects. She worked closely with language specialists and biologists to gain understanding of alien cultures, new or long misunderstood. Her most memorable trip was to a Klingon colony where she was made the laughing stock at a banquet, when she was made to eat live Gagh. The fact that she managed in the end, clearly overcoming her fear of eating live food, did help her gain respect from some of the Klingons she interacted with. But it was her interest and reverence for their culture that won over most of the Klingons she worked with.

After years of traveling around, Erienne Tosca is looking forward to stay somewhere more permanent. A starbase may seem uninteresting to a student of other cultures, but Erienne knows she will be able to see and learn things here that are not available anywhere else.
Service Record 2371 - traveled to earth - some odd jobs and volunteer work.

2373- 2379- Entered Starfleet academy, gained a doctorate degree in Alien Anthropology, exo-archeology and History. Some delay in studies because of the Dominion War.

2379 - 2381 - Anthropologist at the academy, as an assistant. Worked under the esteemed Professor Jules Croft, researching the effects of culture exchange within the Federation.

2381 - 2383 - Through a cultural exchange program with the Klingon Empire, she worked on Chronos as an archaeologist at a Klingon Archeology Institute. Attended a few archaelogy digs around the Empire.

2383 - 2386 - Stationed aboard the USS Tristan, performing research on ancient civilisations along the Neutral Zone, as an Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist in the science department.

2386 - 2387 assigned to Cerberus Station, as an A&A officer.

2387 - Reassigned on another ship, somewhere.