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Lieutenant Ta'mas

Name Ta'mas (D.Eng)

Position Warp Propulsion Lead

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species 1/2 Vulcan, 1/4 Human & Betazoid
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5"
Weight 220 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Slight Vulcan eyebrows and ears, bulkier than the stereotypical Vulcan, a big man athletically built.


Spouse No
Children None
Father Tavor (missing, presumed deceased)
Mother Shaylan (deceased)
Brother(s) No
Sister(s) No
Other Family Paternal Grandfather: Sovak. Member of the Vulcan High Council, Commissioner of Vulcan Cultural Affairs. Grandparents and cousins on Betazoid. Ltjg Antonio Vasquez (cousin on Father's side), and various other relatives on Earth, Vulcan, and elsewhere in the Universe.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ta'mas is basically a friendly, outgoing, and fun loving person. He is very social, prefers not to be alone. He has the knowledge of many Vulcan diciplines, techniques, and ways, but is not practiced in them with the exception for the need of meditation. His genetic mixture has not always been easy for him. While his primary language is Standard Federation, he is also fluent in Spanish, Betazoid, and Vulcan. Knows a small amount of Romulan.

Ta'mas considered himself omnisexual while in his youth and his early Starfleet Academy years. While he has calmed down, he is still a highly sexual individual. Despite his tendancy for taking risk, he takes his Starfleet career very seriously.
Strengths & Weaknesses Ta'mas is in essence a nice guy. He can be a quite a charmer, although sometimes putting his foot in his mouth. He is occasionally impulsive, and has been described by some as 'somewhat' arrogant. Despite his diagnoses of mild hyperactivity, he is very focused when it comes to his work; and dedicated. While very intelligent, he sometimes struggles with his self confidence. He has a high respect for authority, and is considered trustworthy by those who know him well. Is a low-level empath, enhanced fully upon physical touch (a side effect of his Vulcan half), and defining him as a full touch empath. He is marginally skilled as a touch telepath.
Ambitions Not to long ago, Ta'mas was driven to have his own command, and to find out what happened to his father after an emotional build up of not receiving the answers he seeked. He is now at a crossroad and re-evaluating his life, and his future, beginning with his return to the SCE.
Hobbies & Interests Enjoys regular physical workouts and sports, especially Khaiya (Vulcan archery, two time champion in his youth), rock climbing, racketball, and hockey.
Relaxes by working on plane models, and reading.
Enjoys poker, and cooking. Loves flying, loves to dance, especially classic latin.

Personal History Ta'mas was born in the Chihuahuan Desert of New Mexico in the year 2355, Due to being alone out in the desert and complications during his birth, his mother died. At the time his father Tavor was a civilian pilot and ship designer, having taken over his maternal grandfather Gabriel Vasquez's business after his death, and he was an advisor to Starfleet.

Diagnosed as mildly hyperactive, Ta'mas was always a handful. When he was seven, his father enlisted in Starfleet, immediately assigned as an intelligence officer for Starfleet HQ, San Francisco, Earth. This troubled young Ta'mas, unable to understand why he could not go with his father.

He was sent to live with his paternal grandfather on Vulcan, a man he hardly knew. Lived with his maternal grandparents on Betazed for his secondary education.

He was on Betazed at the age of 15 when the Dominion forces conquered and occupied Betazed.

At the age of 17, he applied for and was accepted into Starfleet Academy, at first unsure of what he wanted to specialize in. That quickly changed...

"I was unsure of what I wanted to do when I first signed up for the Academy, torn between helmsman and engineering. It was a tradition in my family to earn a pilots license, and I wanted to follow that tradition. Based on my entrance exam, a counselor advised me to specialize in engineering, and he was right...he could see something in me that I could not. I listened and was immediately hooked... There's the usual reasons; putting things together, taking things apart, having control on how something works. But for me, it's keeping my hands busy and making me think in the process, being handed a problem, and finding the solution..the thrill..of seeing that solution work by something I have done with my hands. I don't think I could do anything else..."

During his Senior year he was notified that his father had disappeared while on a classifed mission for Starfleet HQ.

While serving aboard the Pegasus, he had an emotional breakdown, ordered to Vulcan to undergo treatment, and is currently under medical orders for regular followups by a counselor.

(more soon..will be filling in blanks from past simming post history)
Service Record *Enrolled into the Academy, majoring in Engineering, specializing in warp, impulse, and power systems. Minoring in Helm and Navigation.

*In his Senior year as an Intern, and after graduated from the Academy, he furthered his education at the The Warp Technologies Development Group, studying the designing of new technology that allows space travel at faster-than-light speeds and reconfigures existing warp drives.

*Moved on to The Cochrane Institute of Alpha Centauri, performing independent research under supervision in the advanced study of warp propulsion, submitting his thesis, and receiving his Doctorate Degree aka D.Eng.

*Accepted into the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, and assigned to the USS da Vinci NCC-81623. Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

*An unexplained leaving of the SCE, assigned to the exploration vessel USS Pegasus as Chief of Engineering.

*Returning to the SCE as Warp Propulsion Lead at SB332.