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Lieutenant Delilah Dauntless

Name Delilah Dauntless (Ph.D)

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5 Foot, 6 Inches
Weight 100 Pounds
Hair Color Jet-Black (Shoulder-Length, Worn Up in a Bun)
Eye Color Dark-Brown
Physical Description Delilah Dauntless is a thirty year-old Human woman of average height, with a smooth mocha-brown complexion, a toned, athletic build, and exotic elfin features. Her elegant movements are delicate and sensual; almost dance-like. She carries herself with poise and grace. Her Starfleet uniform fits her slender, nubile frame like a satin glove, and she wears it like she was born to it. Delilah poses quite a striking figure, as she possesses an aura of sinister superiority that easily captivates those around her.


Spouse Single — Never Married.
Children No Known Children.
Father No Known Father.
Mother Dinah Dauntless — 60 year old Mercari Legislative Politician, and mother to Delilah Dauntless.
Brother(s) Damien Dauntless — 30 year old Federation Humanitarian Aid Worker, and twin-brother to Delilah Dauntless.
Sister(s) No Known Sisters.
Other Family David Dauntless — 90 year old Owner and CEO of Dauntless Dynamics, and grandfather to Delilah Dauntless.

Personality & Traits

General Overview The word that best describes Delilah Dauntless is COMPLICATED. As an award-winning scientist with a genius-level intellect, she represents what can be achieved through technological innovation and ingenuity. As the heiress of the powerful Dauntless Dynamics corporation, Delilah represents the ambition and competitive drive of economic interests. As a prized asset of the secretive Starfleet Intelligence, Delilah represents the successes to be gained through covert research and development. Her superior sense of disdain for those she deems inferior or obstructive to her aims lies just beneath a thin veneer of frosty indifference. Delilah Dauntless is as secretive as she is intelligent, as unscrupulous as she is powerful, and as dangerous as she is beautiful.
Strengths & Weaknesses Delilah Dauntless' strengths include a genius-level intellect, a shrewd and calculating nature, and considerable political and economic resources. A gifted theoretician and applied scientist, Delilah is quite adept at using even the most complicated as specialized technological equipment. The many contacts she has cultivated in both the scientific community and Starfleet Intelligence, give her a deep pool of personnel, intel and materiel resources to draw on.

If Delilah Dauntless has any weaknesses, however, they would have to be her manipulative and exploitative methods, her suspicious and mistrustful view of others, and her sinister and secretive demeanor. Delilah is a natural schemer, and the ways that she interacts with others often makes rivals out of those whom she sees as standing in her way. Her competitive drive has alienated many fellow scientists with whom she could otherwise have continued to collaborate. Her devious, machiavellian way of dealing with people make those who should be her friends hate or fear her.
Ambitions Delilah Dauntless' immediate goals include the continued research and development of technologies that will not only benefit Starfleet Intelligence's mission to protect the Federation, but that will also benefit Dauntless Dynamics' financial bottom line. Delilah's long-term ambitions, however, are another matter. As the future heiress of her grandfather's powerful corporation, it could be her destiny to ascend to the top of one of the most diverse and economically successful private conglomerates in the quadrant. However as a valued and accomplished Starfleet Intelligence asset, perhaps her future lies in the shadowy world of covert operations — a life to which she finds herself well suited. Only time will tell which road Delilah Dauntless decides to take.
Hobbies & Interests When not immersing herself in her career as a prized scientist/intelligence asset/corporate spy, Delilah Dauntless maintains her athletic physical condition through a strict regimen of dance, callisthenics and gymnastics. She is a skilled amateur dancer who relishes practicing styles that vary from Argelian belly-dancing to Romulan ballet. She also practices gymnastics routines regularly, supplemented with callisthenics and Vulcan meditation.

Personal History Delilah Dauntless was born on the Ides of March, 2357 (Stardate 75035.1), on the planet of Mercari IV, a Federation colony that evolved into a capitalist corporatocracy. Delilah was born as a fraternal twin, paired with a brother named Damien. An heiress of the formidable conglomerate known as Dauntless Dynamics, from an early age, Delilah was chosen by her grandfather to succeed him as owner and CEO of the technological mega-corporation. Formidable influence was brought to bear in providing Delilah with the very best education, no expenses spared. When Delilah's academic performance displayed a prodigious aptitude for the sciences, her education was fast-tracked through the very best schools, resulting in a rare scholarship to the Vulcan Science Academy.

While on Vulcan working on her honors in Natural and Physical Sciences, Delilah was approached by representatives of Starfleet Intelligence. The looming threat of the Dominion War compelled Starfleet Intelligence to research and develop new technologies that would help defend the Federation against the Founders and the Jem'Hadar. Influenced by her grandfather's opportunistic motives, Delilah accepted Starfleet Intelligence's recruitment offer. Upon graduating from the Vulcan Science Academy, Delilah was fast-tracked through Starfleet Academy, earning doctorates in Theoretical and Applied Sciences along the way. After graduating from Starfleet Academy, Delilah joined Starfleet Intelligence, and was sent to Area 31, a secret research and development laboratory on the remote planet of Enyo IV.

At Area 31, Delilah headed up the top secret Project: HEPHAISTOS, an attempt to reverse-engineer technology captured from the Dominion and other Gamma Quadrant cultures. Technological triumphs produced by Project: HEPHAISTOS include various stealth and soft-countermeasure devices comparable to the forbidden cloaking technologies employed by the Klingons and Romulans. Another innovation was the development of a new type of directed energy weapon, an experimental cannon that married both phaser and disruptor technology, capable of firing both a continuous stream, and rapid-fire pulses. However, before this new cannon design could be mass-produced and fitted aboard combat vessels, the harrowing Dominion War came to a close. Project: HEPHAISTOS was officially closed.

In the years following the Dominion War, Delilah Dauntless continued working with Starfleet Intelligence in the development of new technologies that would benefit the Federation. However, her loyalties to her grandfather and his massive industrial corporation, Dauntless Dynamics, remained ever-present. Her position as a top military scientist, and as the future head of one of the quadrant's most powerful private technology firms, placed Delilah in a unique position to exercise considerable influence. She began to foster a strong unofficial working relationship between Dauntless Dynamics and Starfleet Intelligence. Taking care to keep the nature of this partnership strictly confidential, Delilah wields power with both Starfleet and the civilian scientific community.

Delilah Dauntless arrives on Starbase 332, also known as Cerberus Station, under the auspices of a new top secret project initiated by Starfleet Intelligence and partly funded by Dauntless Dynamics — Project: OGUN. While the details of this special program remain strictly classified, if the demeanor of its leader, Delilah Dauntless, is any indication, Project: OGUN may either present one of the greatest scientific innovations known to the galaxy, or one of most dangerous . . .

. . . Or, perhaps, it is BOTH.
Service Record CLASSIFIED — Starfleet Intelligence — CLASSIFIED
——— Sigma-9 Security Clearance Required ———

* * * * *

2372 - 2373 — Vulcan Science Academy, Sitar, VULCAN

* Graduated with J'nys-level Honors in Natural Sciences
* Graduated with J'nys-level Honors in Physical Sciences

2373 - 2374 — Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, EARTH

* Graduated with Doctorate Degree in Theoretical Sciences
* Graduated with Doctorate Degree in Applied Sciences
* Promoted to Rank of Ensign

2374 - 2375 — Area 31 Starfleet Intelligence Laboratory, ENYO IV

* Appointed to Project: HEPHAISTOS Development Team
* Promoted as Project: HEPHAISTOS Development Team Leader

2375 - 2377 — REDACTED

2377 - 2379 — USS Einstein, NCC 31479

* Appointed as Bridge Sensor Operator (Night Shift)
* Assigned to Research and Development Team
* Appointed as Bridge Sensor Operator (Day Shift)
* Appointed as Research and Development Team Supervisor
* Appointed as Chief Science Officer
* Promoted to Rank of Lieutenant Junior-Grade

2379 - 2381 — Daystrom Institute Research Laboratory, METIS III

* Awarded the Zee-Magnees Prize for Scientific Excellence
* Awarded Honorary Doctorate Degree in Quantum Mechanics

2381 - 2383 — Vulcan Science Academy, Sitar, VULCAN

* Served as Professor Emeritus of Advanced Quantum Mechanics

2383 - 2387 — REDACTED

2387 - Present — Starbase 332 ('Cerberus Station')

* Appointed as Chief Science Officer
* Promoted to Rank of Lieutenant