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Dr. Alex Akihito

Name Dr. Alex A Akihito

Position Researcher

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Vulcan
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7''
Weight 128.5 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Alex has a peaceful demeanor. He is humanoid in almost every respect aside from his slightly pointed ears, which are usually hidden under acceptably shaggy hair, and his zen like outlook on the world.


Spouse -
Children -
Father Norek
Mother Marie Akihito
Brother(s) -
Sister(s) -
Other Family Human uncle - Jeff "Yojimbo" Akihito
Human uncle - Akira Akihito

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aside from learning Vulcan mental disciplines from his father, Alex had lived a very human life, visiting Vulcan only twice. Once to meet his Vulcan grandparents and once for his first pon farr.

He has a natural curiosity for new technology being created and universal knowledge being published and explored.
Strengths & Weaknesses Alex is calm in most every circumstance, the vulcan genes and lessons from his father allowed Alex to conquer certain emotions he decided were illogical to have like fear and panic, though he had only taken lessons to strengthen his human weaknesses that was the extent of his training, and he has maintained a unique but human demeanor throughout his life.

Alex's weaknesses include being somewhat narrow minded sometimes, when he's made up his mind, nothing can change it

He has always been regarded as a brilliant scientist.
Ambitions Alex has too many facets he wants to persue, and believes nailing himself down to one ambition or long term goal would hamper his sense of self. He prefers to, as it has been put "Live for the day" and if his interest persist, work towards one goal of many.
Hobbies & Interests Alex likes being alone with his thoughts, he usually goes over events of the day and problems at work when he concentrates much like a purely human brain does when its sleeping. Also, he thinks about people. the way they talk, and relate to one another. He enjoys being able to help people with their problems but finds it hard to relate to people who've had harder lives, as his had been rather simple and accommodating.

Personal History Personal History would indicate Alex grew up on earth, and attended a unique school which combined science and philosophy in Japan.

Official reports state the Vulcan Science and Data Trade Counsel which Alex's dad influenced made a deal with the federation government to occupy a lab, with access to more industrious equipment located in the Cerberus Station where a civilian team would research and develop technologies to be shared equally between the Federation, and the Vulcan Science Institute.
Service Record Before now, Alex had never been in contact with Star fleet