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Commander Christopher Holden

Name Christopher Holden

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 181lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description With a very strong jaw line and high cheek bones and a short stubble beard he often draws attention due to his physical build and tall stature.


Spouse Fiona Holden (deceased in child birth)
Children n/a
Father Jeremy Holden
Mother Michelle Holden
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview
Strengths & Weaknesses When setting a task or given an order he is very focused on success, failure is not an option that he accepts easily unless the task is clearly insurmountable. This focus can however leave him blind to arising threats of a developing situation
Ambitions As an engineer one of his greatest ambitions is to have a legacy, whether it be inventing a new piece of technology or discovering a new alloy, something which history will remember him for.
Hobbies & Interests Cycling, football (soccer), reading crime novels or taking part in holo versions. He also has interests in old style heavy construction and is making plans to build a traditional home once he decides where he’d like to build it.

Personal History Born in Boston, Massachusetts on April 22nd 2349 to a respected family, his father a mechanical engineer, his mother a nurse at Starfleet Medical. As he grew up he was very much influenced by his father’s career choice he was set to follow in his footsteps until aged 14, with his father off world, his mother took him with her to Mars for a week while she attended a training course, on this chance visit he caught sight of the mighty Federation ship yards of Utopia Planitia.

From that day onwards he decided to combine his love of engineering with a chance to travel to the stars, submitting his application to Starfleet at the earliest opportunity. Working hard and mastering even the zero-g element of the course, something that had made him violently ill to start with, his time at the academy was an enjoyable but over the next three years, with the outbreak of the Klingon and Dominion wars many of his classmates were sent to the front, many of whom never returned.

As life slowly began to return to normal he met the love of his life Fiona Evans, a fellow engineer, on his first day at the Gamma Four research outpost, the two sensing something special between them from the first moment they met. With plans under way for them to be married in late 2379 disaster once again struck, during the birth of their first child complications arose and both Fiona and their daughter Chloe passed away, devastated by the loss Chris threw himself into his work, becoming a recluse for the batter part of 4 months until he finally talked to the counselors at Starfleet Command on Earth.

Since then Chris has found it hard to commit to personal relationships, instead breaking off relationships before they ever progress to far. As such his work was the sole purpose for defining his life until his previous assignment, during his time on the Whittle he managed to maintain a steady relationship for over two years until his reassignment and is at present doing his best to maintain a long distance relationship.
Service Record Enrolled in Starfleet Academy to train as an Operations officer, later specialising in engineering fields such as warp field stability and starship design - 2367

Graduated Starfleet Academy, commissioned with the rank of Ensign- 2371

Assigned to Starfleet Corps of Engineers, Field Division operating out of Starbase 74, rising to the position of team leader within two years. Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade (2373) 2371-2376

Assigned to Research Outpost Gamma Four (Vulcan Sector) – worked on a number of projects including the design of a number of prototype starships based upon technologies relayed by the starship Voyager from the Delta Quadrant via Project Pathfinder. Promoted to Lieutenant (2376) 2376-2380

At behest of Commanding Officer began to take courses in Command areas, including starship, later assigned to Daystrom Institute as assistant head of applied warp theory. Promoted to Lt. Commander (2382) 2380-2382

Assigned to starship Whittle, an Excelsior Class SCE support ship in the Archanis Sector, vessel tasked with providing humanitarian assistance to Federation and Klingon colonies as required in addition to maintenance of subspace comm relays and replenishment of manned stations. 2382-2386

Assigned to Starbase 332 as her first Commanding Officer, the SCE R&D facility focusing on wide range of science and engineering fields. Promoted to Commander (2386) 2386-present