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In other news...

Posted on Thu May 17th, 2012 @ 10:29am by Commander Christopher Holden

Well after an exciting few days for me in real life as I completed my college course I have also found out that Task Force 86 is to reopen and will be headed by our very own Lt. Commander Auster, that's right, Ed will be moving from TF93 to take up command of 86 again and in the process I have asked, and been granted, permission to move the sim back to TF86.

What does this mean for you all, well the stories we have planned using the Tholians, Orions and Klingons now fit a bit better with our Task Force Area of Operations (AoO), so in short it just makes the out of character side of things make sense and in character we can just keep going as we have been.

The mission proper will be starting over the next week or so as I get things updated on the site and get some posts going. In the meantime we'll have some Klingon visitors to interact with and lots of new faces to meet so why not get some casual encounters started, doesn't have to be massively in depth even just a drink in the bar, Flux, or a quick coffee over a duty roster, I'm keen to see people interacting more outside of the general storyline to build your characters.

As always my inbox is open for questions and comments

Many thanks



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