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USS Fearless

Posted on Thu Jan 12th, 2012 @ 12:22pm by Commander Christopher Holden

Apologies for the double news item, just remembered something else :)

I will be adding the Fearless to the crew manifest section so if you want your character to have a duty assignment aboard this vessel or if you would like to create an NPC to fill a role on the ship then please let me know.

At present Holden will officially be the vessel's commanding officer, the following key positions will mean the ship has a standing crew for away missions.

Flight Controller
Tactical Officer
Operations Officer
Engineering Officer

I am happy to allow characters to work cross department as was seen in DS9 with Dax at the Conn or Bashir at Science, when we use the vessels (and we will) it'd be nice to have a standing crew of sorts that others can slot around.

Questions and queries welcome as always :)



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