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Bit of an update

Posted on Sat Jan 7th, 2012 @ 8:56am by Commander Christopher Holden

Got a few things to quickly cover here so please bare with me, first up in light of recent events with Bravo Fleet there has been a reorganisation of fleet assets and as a result Cerberus Station is moving from TF86 to TF93, what does this mean for us, nothing in fact as the original application I submitted had either of these TF's as preferred choice and our location was suited to either TF so don't worry, we'll still carry on as before.

Next up, a big well done to Ed, Lt. Commander Frank Auster as he has come out of senior staff retirement to head up the new TF93 and as such I am filled with nothing but confidence in the move, I know you'll do well Ed :)

Moving on, the festive break is over, I need everyone who is still wanting to write to contact me if you haven't already done so in the last week, or to post something. The final post that involves, Auster, Holden and Veh will be finished by the end of this weekend one way or another to allow us to move on.

Also, in character our second support vessel, the Fearless, will arrive, if you wish to be considered for the ship XO position please let me know, at present Veh/Stevenson have the Brattain covered under normal operations, so its open season as far as this goes.

Lastly, the new year often means change, if you feel that your current character just isn't working out as you hoped and feel a change is in order then let me know, this could be simply a change in position within your department, a change in department or even a change in character, as always my mailbox is open so please get in touch if you feel this may benefit your writing.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see some posts soon ;)



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