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Use of Leave of Absence

Posted on Tue Dec 13th, 2011 @ 10:13am by Commander Christopher Holden

Hey folks I figure its been a while since I covered this and with many new players to the sim I figured I should quickly reiterate what the LOA and ELOA system is for.

First off if you know you can't post for a few days that's cool, we all have lives that can mean we don't have time to write, everyone understands this and we should all appreciate that others cannot always respond to tags in JP's within a matter of hours.

For a LOA this should be used if you have a planned period where you know you won't be able to write for 7 days or more, whether this be a holiday, business trip or even just time to study then please update your status to LOA.

An Extended Leave of Absence is where you know beforehand or if events unfold where you may not be able to write for more than 14 days.

An alternative to changing your status please contact either myself or Commander Veh via PM or e-mail, doesn't need to go into lots of detail but just enough so we know whether to change you to LOA or ELOA.

I ask you all to do this as a common courtesy to the rest of the crew to ensure JP's don't stall or become irrelevant if the story moves on. Going forward if there is no posting or LOA/ELOA record I will authorise players to finish JP's using any character not present ensuring they come to no harm or express any controversial views etc. that would impact the integrity of he character, in short write just enough to get the post done.

As always any questions or queries then please let me know :)



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