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My Apologies

Posted on Tue Oct 25th, 2011 @ 5:45pm by Lieutenant Kathryn Fletcher

As some of you know I have in the last two years suffered an injury to my left wrist that has been and still is causing me some difficulty. My recent absence from the sim has been in part due to this as the injury has started to cause me some amount of pain once again. The injury itself is damage to the bones in my wrist, split cartilage and tendon damage so as you can imagine the last thing I really want to be doing when it starts is typing.
It is still hurting me at the moment, but not as bad as it has been. I will try and catch up with tags and the like and keep on top of it until my hospital appointment next week. I'm not sure what sort of condition I'm going to be in as it could just be a simple check up, it could be another cortisone injection or it could be minor surgery. What ever happens either myself or Rosie will put up a news article if I'm not going to be able to type for a while.

Again, my apologies for the absence.


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