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Cross Fleet Co-Operation

Posted on Wed Oct 19th, 2011 @ 7:59pm by Commander Christopher Holden

Hey all, I know these messages are probably starting to overwhelm your inbox but this one is really great news. Not only has the CO of TF38'sUSS Armstrong, newly promoted Captain Hall, played by Kim (Lt. Ta'mas here on Cerberus) agreed to develop cross sim plots, posts and general co-operation, but Captain Flint, Jeremy, of TF47's USS Ares has also agreed to the same.

So what does this mean for you all, well, my hope is that not only do we work on our own R&D projects but also help them out with consults via subspace etc. or more directly with things like recovered alien tech or advance research on projects they wish to use on their own sims.

From my initial discussions with both CO's we have some great ideas, including many options for advancement of holographic technology on the Ares, so if you have plans then let me know and I will discuss with both of my fellow CO's.

I think this is a great way for us to write stories that go not only beyond this sim but task force to the extents of Federation control. Now this will be something that works away in the background but as we have a support ship who knows, perhaps we may go to them...

Any questions or queries, as always please feel free to drop me a message or e-mail.

Many thanks



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