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Sim timeline and awards

Posted on Fri Oct 7th, 2011 @ 9:25am by Commander Christopher Holden

Sorry all for yet another news item, I promise this one will be the last for a few days at least.

Something that I've noticed is a few players wanting to use stardates, I myself like doing this especially for Log entries as well as it feels very Trek. So to clarify the pre mission "Turning on the lights" is set during the last two weeks of September 2386, while the new mission "Guardians of the Underworld" will take place in the first two weeks on October 2386.

The stardate ranges for these are:

"Turning on the lights" - 63706-63747

"Guardians of the Underworld" - 63748-63788

Remember the use of Stardates is entirely optional but I know some people like to include them for completeness.

The next thing is our awards, with thanks to Kim, CO of the Armstring in TF9, I was able to start off the award section with an image he created, from this I have added several others. I have drawn on a number awards from the past and some from sims I currently play on else where. If you have an idea for a fun award please let either myself or Commander Veh know.

Many thanks



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